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  • Brenda and her staff have been there with legal advice from beginning to end. They are fast and efficient in all areas of the claim. I would most certainly recommend this firm to anyone that needs their services after an accident.

    Linda Bimm, Motor Vehicle Accident Client
  • Why should I hire an Ontario lawyer who has a focus in personal injury after my Ontario personal injury accident?

    When searching online or in the Yellow Pages for an Ontario lawyer after your Ontario personal injury accident,  a large pool of potential lawyers will be available. However, not all lawyers have a focus on personal injury cases.  The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office get asked by many accident victims looking for a lawyer why they should look for an Ontario personal injury lawyer and not a lawyer they know,  or one with a strong reputation in another field of law.

    For a personal answer to this case,  your best option is to call us at 613-860-4529.

    The field of personal injury is complex.   You want a lawyer who has a lot of experience dealing with personal injury cases and who knows the law.   Ontario has the most complex system for motor vehicle accidents due to the blended fault/no-fault system.

    Lianne Laing and Brenda Hollingsworth talk about the importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer for personal injury cases on CTV Morning Live. Watch as Brenda Hollingsworth also answers a viewer’s question about lawyers who say you do not have a case.  Brenda explains why you need to make sure the lawyer you are talking to is a personal injury lawyer who handles a range of personal injury cases.

    The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office focus exclusively on personal injury and know the best professionals to use to support your case. Every doctor, insurance company, and therapist is different and you want a lawyer that knows which ones will support your case in the most effective way and which ones can be more challenging to work with.

    If you have suffered an Ontario motor vehicle accident or slip and fall accident call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation at 613-860-4529.

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    Avoid Mistakes When Hiring an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

                If you have suffered a serious motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or slip-and-fall you may be looking for an Ottawa personal injury lawyer to help you claim the compensation you need and deserve.  Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is a very important part of the process.  It is very important to make the right decision at the outset of your case.  Although it is possible to do so, it is very difficult to change personal injury lawyers part way through your process.

    Here are some very common mistakes to avoid when choosing your Ottawa personal injury lawyer:


                1.         Hire an injury lawyer who “drops in” to your hospital room following your injury.

    It is increasingly common for personal injury lawyers, or people who work for them, to troll the halls of the trauma unit at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus or the Rehabilitation Center on Smyth Road looking for clients.  You should be very suspicious of any lawyer, or lawyer representative, who approaches you in the hospital and attempts to sign you up.  This is a practice that is frowned upon in the legal profession.  It is also a signal that the lawyer may be seeking to take advantage of your vulnerability.  While you are in the hospital you are unlikely to be able to do the research required in order to make the correct choice of Ottawa personal injury lawyer.


    For example, while you are in the hospital you may not have access to the internet or if you do it may be on your hand-held device only.  A thorough investigation of personal injury lawyer would include a review of that lawyer’s web presence to see if that lawyer provides information about past cases, references and other resources.


                2.         Choose an Ottawa personal injury lawyer whose business card is handed to you by hospital staff.

    Although this is less common in Ottawa than in other locations like Toronto, unfortunately, there is hospital staff who have arrangements with Ottawa personal injury lawyers to provide their details and to sign up patients in hospital.  Typically these relationships involve a kickback [monetary or in gifts or trips] to the hospital staff making the referral.  My own clients have received this type of approach from hospital staff and it is certainly a significant concern for the same reason that it is a concern when a lawyer approaches you himself or herself in the hospital.


                3.         Choose an Ottawa personal injury lawyer with a general practice who does not have a focus on personal injury.

    Personal injury is a specialized area of law with many small particularities.

    A lack of familiarity with the requirements of personal injury law, including statutory accident benefit law, can result in significant detriment to your case.  These lawyers may not have the knowledge to develop your damages [i.e. the amount of money you receive] as well as an experienced personal injury lawyer would.  It is of vital importance that the level of expertise of your personal injury be carefully assessed.


    4.         Hire an Ottawa personal injury lawyer without a detailed consultation.

    If you are asked to sign a retainer agreement or other contract without having had a thorough interview by the personal injury lawyer you should be concerned.  In order to assess the likelihood of success for the dollar value of a personal injury case a lawyer really must sit down with you and review your case in detail.  Sometimes it’s possible for this to happen on the telephone, and that may be preferable when you are from an outlying region and want to make a decision promptly.  However, if the contract comes first and the consultation comes second you should be concerned.

    For more information about hiring an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer call Brenda Hollingsworth at (613) 860‑4529.

    How do Eastern Ontario personal injury lawyers advance my case?

    Eastern Ontario personal injury lawyers – How we advance your case

    You have gone through the process of hiring the Eastern Ontario personal injury lawyer best suited to your needs. However, do you know what the next steps are when it comes to building your case? Not very many people know what happens after they hire a lawyer. For the Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office this is where they find clients have the most questions. They do not know the exact role of a lawyer or the fact that they too, as the client, have a role in their case.

    If you have experienced a personal injury accident and have questions about what an Eastern Ontario personal injury lawyers role is in your case, call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers at 613-860-4529.  We can show you what a lawyer will be doing for your case and the proper steps needed to the legal process.

    After hiring your Eastern Ontario personal injury lawyer we need to build your case.  We need to convince the insurance company to pay the value of your injuries.  This process includes sending out requests for information to doctors, hospitals and physiotherapists to collect relevant evidence.

    Lianne Laing and Brenda Hollingsworth discuss what role an Eastern Ontario personal injury lawyer plays during your case and how you, as a client, have an important role too.

    If you have experienced an Eastern Ontario personal injury accident call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers at 613-860-4529.  We can guide you through the process towards legal compensation and determine the best steps to take for your specific case.

    Ottawa, Ontario Brain Injury Lawyer, Acquired Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury

    Ottawa, Ontario Brain Injury Lawyer, Acquired Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury

    The Ontario brain injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth have excellent experience representing people who have sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and closed head injuries. Our Ottawa injury lawyers understand how these injuries affect the victims and the victims’s families.

    Our Ottawa brain injury lawyers understand the causes and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries, mild, moderate and severe. We know how to deal with insurance adjusters, insurance assessors and others whose mandate it is to terminate your accident insurance benefits (Ontario statutory accident benefits).

    Here are some of the symptoms commonly associated with a traumatic brain injury or closed head injury:

    · Coma

    · Cognitive Impairment

    · Language and Speech Impairment

    · Memory Loss and Impairment

    · Conduct Disorder

    · Personality Disorder

    · Loss of Concentration

    · Loss of Problem Solving Skills

    · Perception Problems

    · Sleep Disturbance

    · Headaches

    · Blurred Vision

    · Seizures

    A traumatic brain injury or closed head injury happens when your head is struck or when a force creates an acceleration-deceleration movement of the head, akin to whiplash.

    Your brain may make contact with the inside of your skull bones, creating damage. It is important to note that often a person who suffers a traumatic brain injury may not lose consciousness.

    Closed head injuries have several causes, including automobile accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other accidents..

    Even if your MRI or CAT scan show normal results, you may still have a traumatic brain injury. Sometimes, a brain injury is diagnosed by a neuropsychologist followind different types of tests.

    The Ottawa brain injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth understand that brain or head injuries take a serious toll on an individual’s ability to lead a normal life. Activities of dailing living are impacted. Changes in personality, whether subtle or severe, can impact your marriage, your family, and your friendships.

    Some head injury patients cannot return to work, or return to work in a reduced capacity. The result is of course a serious loss of income and earning potential. Our Ottawa lawyers know how to develop your case to maximize your loss of income claim to ensure you are fairly compensated.

    If you suffer a brain injury, you will also likely have future care costs. For example, you may need attendant care to assist you with your activities of daily living. If the injury was caused by a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, or pedestrian accident, there is often an Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits Claim (also called Ontario no-fault benefits) that will cover some or most of these expenses. The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth can assist you to obtain the maximum compensation under the accident benefits.

    The injuries from traumatic brain injuries are often permanent. Cases involving diagnosed brain injuries may result in substantial damages at trial or on a settlement.

    If you or a loved one has sustained a traumatic brain injury in Ottawa or Eastern Ontario, contact Auger Hollingsworth to determine your legal rights. There is no obligation and the consultation is free.

    How do I choose an Ontario personal injury lawyer?

    What you need to do to make sure you choose an Ontario personal injury lawyer best suited to your case and needs.

    A question the Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office get asked is how accident victims should hire a lawyer for their Ontario personal injury case. With many lawyers focusing in the personal injury field, there is great competition for your case. So, as a potential client searching out a firm what can you do to make sure you choose the firm and Ontario personal injury lawyer best suited for you and your case?

    The best way to choose an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer is to have an initial client interview where you can meet, ask important questions to ensure the firm can properly handle your case, and see if you feel comfortable.  The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office will meet with you for a free consultation at our office or at your home or hospital if you are to hurt to come to us.

    When choosing an Ontario personal lawyer here are 2 important things to keep in mind:
    – Lawyer shop – do not just settle on the first lawyer you hear about.
    – Ask lots of questions and make sure they answer them fully (example: how much of your practice is devoted to personal injury?).

    Watch as Kurt Stoodley and Brenda Hollingsworth talk about the process of choosing a lawyer and the questions you should ask before making the client-lawyer commitment on CTV Morning Live.

    If you have suffered a personal injury and would like to speak to an Ottawa personal injury lawyer contact Brenda Hollingsworth’s office at 613-860-4529 to have your case evaluated.

    Frequently Asked Ontario Accident Lawyer Questions

    FAQ-  Frequently Asked Questions

    Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers can help you  with these issues:

    • How to get a fair settlement for your injuries.
    • Costly misconceptions about injury claims.
    • Questions to ask when hiring a lawyer.
    • How we can help you.

    You’ll benefit from our trial experience!  When you ask us to help you, you’ll benefit from our trial experience – defending murder cases when prosecutors wanted our clients in jail for life and defending medical malpractice cases when plaintiffs’ lawyers wanted millions of dollars from our clients who were usually doctors.You won’t find cases more difficult than these. And thanks to our knowledge, skill and experience, we often won the case — or got a much better result than our client expected.

    What we need from you:

    Tell us about your injury and how it happened.

    What we will do for you:

    Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers will tell you what steps we can take to access insurance money for you in the shortest time with the highest likelihood of success.

    If you agree, our Ottawa accident lawyers will prepare the documents and materials needed to persuade the insurance company to compensate you.  .

    Now What?

    You want our Ottawa accident lawyers to say assist you.  We think we know your questions:

    What type of personal injury cases does Auger Hollingsworth handle?

    Personal injury refers to any type of accident that results in injury. Wrongful death means an accident that causes death. In our Ottawa personal injury law firm, we represent people who have been injured in many ways, including injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents (car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents), slips and falls, dangerous products.

    Back to the Questions Index

    Do I have a good case?

    If you have suffered an injury and think it is someone else’s fault, then you may have a valid personal injury claim. Contact a qualified personal injury trial lawyer who will evaluate your case and tell you whether you have a claim. You are certainly welcome to call Auger Hollingsworth at 613 233-4529 or

    What do you need to evaluate my claim?

    Our accident lawyers need to know how the accident occured.  Immediately after the accident you should write down all you remember. A police officer investigating the accident will write down some important information in the accident report.  We will get the report.

    We will also need to see your medical records, or at least the records you have, if you are still being treated by your doctor.

    What are your fees to handle a personal injury case?

    At our law Ottawa firm, for personal injury cases we get paid only if we win your case and you get paid.

    This is called a contingent fee because our fee depends on whether we win your case. If we do not win your case, then we don’t get paid. The amount of our fee depends on the type of case it is, and whether the case goes to trial. In most personal injury cases, our fee ranges between 20 and 33% of the amount of money we collect for you. This percentage can vary depending on the facts of your case and whether a trial is needed. We will evaluate your case and tell you at that time what our contingent fee would be.

    Will the insurance company pay for my injuries?

    It depends…on the type and size of your claim.

    If you call our Ottawa personal injury lawyers, we’ll ask you a few simple questions over the telephone. Then we’ll explain how to protect your legal rights and the steps we should take to make the insurance company pay you the money you deserve.

    Can you help with expert witnesses and investigators? Can you help with them?

    Yes. We have qualified, experienced professionals we depend on in many different fields. No matter which professionals we need, our personal injury lawyers take care of everything.

    I live in the country, in Northern Ontario. Can you still help me?

    Yes. You can hire personal injury lawyers anywhere in Ontario. With today’s technology, we can communicate with you by phone, e-mail, fax and mail. So your location — and your law firm’s location — are not too important, as long as we can reach each other when we need to.

    Is there a charge for an initial consultation?

    Absolutely not. We’ll  review your situation and discuss your claim at no cost. If your case appears to be a winner, we’ll tell you. If we think your claim is a loser, we’ll tell you that, too. And if we think we can help you, we’ll invite you to our office, where we can go into your claim in more detail.

    Would you like to start?

    Yes.  Our personal injury lawyers are happy to meet you.

    Call us at 613-860-4529 and we will schedule a telephone call.  Or drop us an email at

    Please Note: The strength of your case will be based on how much evidence we can find to support your claim. Sometimes, we can compile evidence on your behalf, such as medical reports and opinions from expert witnesses. But at other times — like after an auto accident — the longer you wait, the more likely it is that evidence will disappear. Calling sooner rather than later can improve your chances of success.

    Call us now or send us an e-mail. We’ll respond promptly.

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    Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer: Looking For A Lawyer?

    Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer: Looking For A U.S. Lawyer?

    OTTAWA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER – Are you an Ontario resident who has suffered an injury while on vacation or business out of the province?  We would be very happy to assist you to find an excellent lawyer in the appropriate jurisdiction.  Hiring a lawyer is an important decision.  Interview your prospective attorney carefully before making a decision.

    For more serious motor vehicle accidents, we can assist you with your Ontario accident benefits while coordinating with your out-of-province lawyer who is pursuing the driver who caused the accident for additional compensation.

    Meet some of the lawyers we rely on when we’re asked to refer to personal injury lawyers (and others)  outside Ontario:


    Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer :  The BISNAR | CHASE Personal Injury Attorneys have represented over 6,000 people who have been seriously injured or lost a family member due to an accident, defective product or negligence. Our top-rated law firm has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients since 1978 by winning a wide variety of challenging personal injury cases involving traffic accidents, work place injuries and defective products, including defective automobiles, against some of the world’s largest companies and governmental agencies.

    San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Vaughan de Kirby a Canadian American has 30 years experience protecting the rights of the seriously injured in Northern California.  Law Offices of Vaughan de Kirby, A.P.C., 5139 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, California 94118, English: 800-4Accident.


    Canadians injured in Iowa in car accidents are beginning to realize that they should learn about their rights and responsibilities in order to avoid a costly mistake.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Iowa then go to to learn about your rights including 7 Secrets to Not Wreck Your Case, 10 Myths about Iowa Car Accidents and 5 Things to Know Before Hiring an Attorney.  Iowa Personal Injury attorney Corey J. L. Walker offers his car accident and personal injury books at no cost, risk or obligation because he has seen to many good people make costly mistakes which cost them thousands of dollars and sometimes even their entire case.  So go to his webpage now to learn more and request your copy of his book Iowa Car Accident book.  Corey has a personal injury practice throughout the state of Iowa including Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Sioux City, Ft. Dodge, Mason City, Davenport, Council Bluffs, etc.


    The Law Office of James W. Dodson, P.A. is a personal injury law firm located in Clearwater, Florida with experience serving clients throughout the state. We handle all serious personal injuries and medical malpractice cases with a special emphasis on people who have been injured or who died in car accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls and injuries to children. Contact our law offices @ 1-888-340-0840. Visit us online @;

    New York

    Franchise Lawyer – Charles N. Internicola is a recognized United States attorney who represents franchisors.  Mr. Internicola advises and assists “start-up” franchisors in the establishment of a franchise system and he regularly represents established franchisors respecting the refinement, registration and renewal of their FDD registrations.  Decker, Decker, Dito & Internicola, LLP, 1610 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY 10304, Tel. 718.979.4300.

    Why is Hiring an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Better Than Handling the Case on Your Own?

     Finding an Ottawa personal injury lawyer in the wake of your Ontario car accident can be a daunting task. After all, putting the outcome of your personal injury case in someone else’s hands requires a lot of trust and faith that the result will be in your best interest. Still, anyone considering handling their case on their own should give serious thought to the benefits a seasoned lawyer can provide before, during and after their personal injury case.


    An experienced lawyer knows all the when, what’s and how much’s involved in determining how you should be compensated for your injury. Timing is important, as even though you may be under financial strain, settling your case too soon may result in a settlement  not in your favor. Seemingly minor injuries can become major, treatment options can change and long-term effects may not show up until some time has passed. In the meantime, pressure from your insurance company and bill collectors can make you feel obligated to settle before it is time. A personal injury lawyer can tell you when it is time to settle, how much you’re reasonably entitled to and who owes you for your time and trouble.

    Having an Advocate

    If you are considering hiring an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, chances are you’re suffering from physical, psychological or emotional injuries that interfere with your ability to function on a day-to-day basis as you normally do. Dealing with the many people involved with an accident claim can be confusing and exhausting when healthy, let alone while you’re trying to recover. Hiring a personal injury lawyer means they will field the calls and coordinate communication between medical providers, insurance companies, etc., so you won’t have to. At a time when you can feel very alone, a lawyer can be your support system.

    Experience is Crucial

    Hopefully, you will only be in one accident in your lifetime, whereas personal injury lawyers have seen dozens if not hundreds of similar cases through from the very beginning to a favorable end. They know what to reasonably expect in terms of compensation, what evidence a court will expect in order to prove your case and can prevent you from making medical, personal or legal mistakes that could drastically affect the outcome of your case.

    They Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do

    If you’re concerned about paying attorneys fees, consider that most personal injury lawyers work on contingency, meaning they don’t get paid unless they recover damages for you. Even then, most lawyers have contracts that entitle them to only 30-33% of the total financial reward. In addition, statistics show that the average increase in financial compensation awarded in cases where the victim has hired a lawyer more than covers the fee that lawyer will charge. The bottom line? Hiring a lawyer is a low risk decision, and the compensation they will get you more than justifies the fees you’ll pay out.

    If you are considering hiring a lawyer for your personal injury case, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth to schedule a free consultation.  We will provide you with the information you need to make a decision about the representation right for you.  Call our law firm today 613 233-4529.

    How to Choose an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

    How to Choose an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

    OTTAWA INJURY LAWYER – Choosing an Ottawa personal injury lawyer for your serious injury claim is an important decision.  Brenda Hollingsworth was selected by one client whose family had interviewed many other lawyers before choosing the Auger Hollingsworth law firm.  Of course we are pleased that we were selected to assist this seriously injured lady.  However, we were just as happy to see a family playing close attention to how they were selecting a lawyer.

    For one thing, selecting from the Yellow Pages is no longer the best move.  Many top lawyers (including the lawyer at this firm) no longer even list in the Yellow Pages.  We made that decision two years ago because we felt that it was not a great medium to communicate our message.  Other excellent personal injury lawyers have made the same decision. So, if you chose only based on Yellow Pages listings, you will miss many great candidates.

    We strongly caution injured people against signing up with law firms who troll the halls of the local hospitals.  In our opinion, good lawyers do not solicit clients in the hospital.  There is usually no legal issue in your case that is so urgent that it cannot wait until you get a chance to speak to a lawyer of your choosing.  The social workers in the hospital can help you research lawyers if need be, or can call a lawyer for you for a no-obligation consultation if you have an immediate legal need.  However, there will rarely be a situation where a seriously injured vicitm will be forced into a legal situation warranting a quick hire of a lawyer who “just so happens” to be dropping by.   The personal injury lawyer of your choosing will, in all likelihood, come to the hospital to meet with you if you need them to.  We certainly do this all the time.

    Websites are an excellent place to start your search for an Ottawa lawyer.  Many personal injury websites contain useful information that can make you a more educated consumer.  We hope you feel that way about ours.

    But no website can take the place of actually speaking with the lawyer (not just the paralegal) who will be handling your case from start to finish.  Personal injury claims can take a while to resolve.  You need to have a relationship with that lawyer that can stand the test of time.  Do you communicate well with the lawyer? Does she (or he) listen well and explain what you want to know, when you want to know it?  All of that matters as the weeks turn into months and you are wondering what is going on with your case.  One of the videos in our “Video Library” is there to give you an idea of what to expect at the initial client interview.

    We urge all injured vicitms who contact us to be certain before they select a personal injury lawyer.  While it is possible to change lawyers part way through a case, it is not easy or free to do so.

    Injured in an Ottawa accident and looking for a lawyer to help you make your accident claim? Contact the Ottawa accident lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth today by email or by phone at (613) 233-4529.

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