How to be a great witness for an Ottawa personal injury case

Ontario Lawyer — When testifying in an Ottawa personal injury case, it is important to know how to be a good witness. This may seem as simple as answering questions when asked by a lawyer, and while this is certainly the basics of testifying, being on the witness stand in a personal injury law suit can involve much more than you may think. The most important aspect of testifying in a personal injury case is to tell the truth. When asked a question, answer directly. Make sure that you speak confidently and loud enough that you may be properly understood. It is easy to become nervous and stumble upon your words. Remain calm and take a moment to think about your answer if you feel this will help you respond correctly.

If you did not hear a question properly, or if you do not understand a particular question, ask for it to be repeated. It is better to admit that you did not hear or do not understand, than to respond inappropriately. If you don’t know the answer to a question or if you can’t remember something, be honest. Don’t make up an answer and say something that you know to be untrue. If don’t know or don’t remember, say so.

In terms of courtroom decorum, you should dress appropriately when testifying. This means that you should dress as if you were going to an interview. Wearing the proper attire for court establishes a sense of etiquette and respect. Also, you should always be polite and respectful of the judge and other lawyers present. Always maintain a calm and polite demeanour.

While testifying can be overwhelming and maybe a little intimidating, if you remember these tips on how to be a good witness, you will feel more at ease and deliver a better testimony. If you behave appropriately and answer truthfully, you will provide the court with an honest and helpful testimony.

Ottawa Insurance Lawyer Working for You after an Accident

Ontario Lawyer — After a serious motor vehicle accident, you need an experienced plaintiff-side Ottawa insurance lawyer working for you to assist you to advance both your accident benefit claim and your claim against the at-fault driver for damages.   Ottawa insurance lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth acts only for injured people, never for insurance companies.

You need an insurance lawyer who will:

  • analyze your application for accident benefits to ensure you have applied for an obtained all of the benefits to which you are legally entitled,
  • ensure that the at fault driver is on notice of a potential claim,
  • mediate and arbitrate or sue when your accident benefits are wrongly denied,
  • negotiate with the accident benefit adjuster and the tort adjuster to ensure that any chance for a fair settlement is considered,
  • commence legal action promptly if that is required,
  • obtain the necessary medical and liability experts to prosecute your case,
  • prepare you to be examined for discovery,
  • prepare properly for mediation,
  • prepare properly for a pre-trial,
  • bring motions where required to move cases along; and
  • represent you well at trial.

The Ottawa insurance lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth will do all this, and more, to assist you with your motor vehicle accident claim.

Mitch Owens and Ramsayville Accident Injures Four

The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at our firm regret to announce that four people were injured,  in a motor vehicle accident between two cars at Mitch Owens Drive and Ramsayville Road early January 14, 2010 at approximately 1:30 pm.

Fatal Accident at Bank and Conroy kills 69 year old woman

Ottawa  Lawyer —The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at our firm regret to announce that a 69-year-old woman died in hospital after her car struck a pick-up truck on Bank Street near the Conroy exit at 12:05 on January 14, 2010.   The woman’s car was making a left hand  onto Bank Street from Kemp Drive when it was struck by the pickup heading south

Fatal Accident in Nation Township Leaves Teens Dead

Nation Township–  The Ottawa Personal Injury lawyers at our firm regret to report that two teens died at the scene when the pick up truck they were driving in collided with a parked semi-trailer.  The 17 year old  girl and 18 year old  boy  were travelling westbound on Concession Road 2 between Claude Duval Road and County Road 10, about 10 kilometres southwest of Hawkesbury.

The accident happened at about 5:30 p.m. Monday on January 10, 2o10.

Will you take my Ottawa accident case on a contingency basis?

Ottawa Lawyer — For many of our Ottawa personal injury clients, we will accept their case on a contingency basis.  Taking a case on contingency means that the lawyer’s fees are contingent (or dependent) on the outcome of the case.  This means that if the client does not recover anything, neither does the lawyer.  If the case is successful and the client receives financial compensation, the lawyer’s fee is calculated as a percentage of the settlement or judgement.

Most of our Ontario personal injury cases are accepted on a contingency basis.  This is what we call our “no fee guarantee”.  If we do not win your case and you do not receive compensation, we do not receive a fee.  Although this is what most clients choose, we will consider working on your case at an hourly rate if that is what you prefer.  This means that we would receive a set fee for every hour we spend working on your case.

Most Ottawa personal injury clients choose the contingency arrangement because they cannot afford to pay a lawyer an hourly rate.  For many individuals, experiencing an accident and suffering an injury are already difficult and often expensive.  Paying a personal injury lawyer an hourly rate is often not practical.  The contingent fee arrangement can work in the interest of the client because they are not required to pay unless they receive a settlement from the insurance company.  You can contact us to discuss your options and to arrange the method of payment you prefer.

If my injury was caused by tripping on a city sidewalk, do I have a case?

Ottawa Lawyer — One of the most common questions our Ottawa personal injury lawyers receive is, “do I have a case if I was injured after tripping on a city sidewalk?”  The answer to this question depends on the reason why you tripped.  You may have a legal case if there was a significant defect in the sidewalk where you were walking.  A large, deep hole or a cracked raised portion of the sidewalk could cause someone to trip.  Such defects could be seen as hazards.  It could be argued that the city of Ottawa has a responsibility to maintain safe sidewalks so if you tripped because of a significant defect you might be able to make a case that the city failed to keep their sidewalks safe for pedestrians.

In addition, you may have a case if the sidewalk was not cleared of ice or snow.  Winter in Ottawa brings wet, snowy, icy weather which can really make being a pedestrian quite dangerous.  If you slipped on ice on a sidewalk that should have been cleared, you may be able to make a legal case.  Again, the city is supposed to maintain safe sidewalks, which involves routine maintenance during the winter months.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you if your situation can qualify as a legal case.  The circumstances of your fall are the most important factor in determining whether or not you have a case.  The injuries you sustained are secondary.  If you think you might have a legal case due an injury sustained by tripping on a city sidewalk, you should contact a personal injury lawyer who can advise you.  If you are unsure if you have grounds for a claim or not, speak with a personal injury lawyer and they will assess your situation and tell you if you have a case.

Struck by a car as a pedestrian or a cyclist? How do you pay for Rehab?

Ottawa Accident Lawyer–If you are an Ontario  pedestrian or a cyclist who was struck by a motor vehicle in Ottawa, there is accident benefit insurance that can help you.  If you do not have car insurance, accident benefit insurance is available to almost anyone injured in an Ontario accident.  Your personal injury lawyer will be able to tell you if you are qualified to receive this kind of insurance.  If you are, your lawyer will help you with the process of benefiting from this insurance which will help you pay for your rehabilitation from your injuries.

Also, if you don’t already have insurance and you also don’t live with someone does, you will most likely be covered by the insurance of the driver who struck you.  Most car insurance policies include provisions that provide some degree of insurance for anyone struck by the vehicle in an accident.  If the driver does not have proper insurance, there is still insurance available which your personal injury lawyer will be able to explain to you.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to point you in the right direction and will help you get the rehabilitation you need.  In the event that you are struck by a car as a pedestrian or a cyclist don’t automatically assume that you will be left to pay for your rehabilitation on your own.  There are a variety of ways for you to receive insurance even if you are not currently protected by an existing insurance policy.  Your personal injury lawyer is there to help you find the appropriate kind of insurance that will help cover the costs of treating and recovering from your injuries.  Being in a car accident as a pedestrian or cyclist can be a frightening and overwhelming experience.  A personal injury lawyer can help you find the right kind of insurance which will help to ease the burden of your injuries.

If I was a passenger in a vehicle in an accident with a family member can I sue?

Ontario Lawyer — If you were seriously injured as a passenger in a car accident in Ottawa, you should consult a personal injury lawyer.  Even if the driver of the vehicle was responsible for the accident, you could still have a legitimate claim.  Also, if the personal driving was related to you, you could still be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.  Don’t automatically assume that because you were a) a passenger, b) in the vehicle responsible for the accident, and c) related to the driver who caused the accident, that you do not have a legitimate legal claim.  By seeking legal advice from a personal injury lawyer, you will be able to determine if you have a case.

People can be easily confused about who can receive compensation in situations such as this.  Not all, in fact not many, circumstances of personal injury are clear and straightforward.  If you are not sure if you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, it is best to consult a personal injury lawyer and discuss your situation with them.  If you were in a passenger in a car accident and suffered serious injury, it is important that you remember that you may have a legal case.  Too often people become injured in a car accident and assume that they need to deal with the situation on their own.  Don’t forget that personal injury lawyers are here to help people like you receive a fair settlement for the injuries you incurred.

The relationship between yourself and the driver responsible for the accident, even if they were your parent, husband or wife, does not automatically exclude you from receiving compensation.  A personal injury lawyer can go through the specifics of your case with you and can provide you with appropriate legal advice.  Remember that if the circumstances of your injury cause you to be unsure about whether or not you have a legitimate claim seek the help of an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer.

If I hire a lawyer for my Ottawa injury case, does that mean there will be a trial?

Ottawa Lawyer — Hiring a lawyer for your Ottawa personal injury case does not necessarily mean that you will have to go to trial.  In fact, most personal injury cases are settled out of court.  In Ontario, less than five percent of injury cases go to trial.  These statistics mean that your case will most likely be settled without having to go to court.  In the majority of cases, settlements are successfully reached through negotiations between yourself and your lawyer, and the other party.

Regardless of whether or not your case goes to trial, it is beneficial to work with a personal injury lawyer.  They will be able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your case is dealt with in the best manner possible and increase your chances of receiving a fair result.  In the event that your case does go to court, a personal injury lawyer will handle the trial for you.  Seeking the assistance of a lawyer allows you to receive legal guidance and benefit from their experience dealing with cases like yours.  A personal injury lawyer will do their best to receive a fair settlement for your case without having to go to trial.  For a variety of reasons, some cases have to go to court in order to be settled.  If this happens with your case, you can be confident that your lawyer will do everything they can to obtain a successful outcome.

Pursuing negotiations or a legal trial without a lawyer will likely give you a less successful result and lower compensation.  If you think you have a personal injury case, think about hiring a lawyer who can work on your behalf to help you receive a fair settlement, regardless of whether or not your case goes to trial.

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