What Are The Components Of A Rehabilitation Program?

The injuries that result from an Ontario car accident include fractures, sprains, chest or knee contusions caused by impacts with steering wheels, dashboard, or airbags as well as a wide variety of soft-tissue injuries.

The treatment prescribed by a physiatrist or other specialist  could include following,  in addition to more traditional rehab measures such as physiotherapy and pain prescriptions:

•Progressive exercises
•Massage therapy
•Joint mobilization
•Postural alignment training.
There are 159 physiatrists in Ontario, with many of the top practitioners in the Ottawa-area. Ask for a referral from your family doctor if you think this might assist in your rehabilitation. Physiatry services are generally covered by OHIP.

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A Different Kind of Legacy

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my father’s sister, Anne Hollingsworth.  She was born in 1947 and was profoundly developmentally delayed.  From the age of 5 and for the next 50 years she lived at Rideau Regional Centre in Smith Falls before she was transferred following its closure in 2006 to Silver Springs here in Ottawa.

At the funeral, the minister tackled the question:  what is the legacy of someone like Anne?  What difference did her life make?  A big question for a windy grave side service.

But the truth is, his words made me realize how Anne’s life made an enormous difference to me personally and professionally.   The fight to save Rideau Regional Centre and to give families the right to select where there family member residents would move after the closure remains the most challenging and rewarding case I have ever handled.   There were more than a 100 families who had joined the cause.  We filled the largest courtroom in Ottawa, twice.  And, most gratifyingly, we successfully secured the right for families to participate in the decision regarding where their family members would move.

Fighting that fight transformed me into a lawyer who could handle big cases on my own.  At some point, a litigation lawyer either graduates into someone who can handle serious cases, or they don’t.  I am so grateful that the Rideau Regional Centre case pushed me to that next level.  I was never a big public interest advocate before the Rideau Regional Centre case.  Now I consider myself to be one, primarily on the issue of rights for injured accident victims.

Of course, I am only one person whose life Anne touched.   I imagine that there are many people in my family and beyond whose lives have been altered by Anne’s life.  We are all thankful.



Serious Cyclist Accident Involving Open Car Door

Ottawa Lawyer– Today we delivered a settlement cheque to a cyclist who was injured when a driver opened his door in traffic.  My client struck the open door on his bike and went flying into a street in the Glebe.  Fortunately for my client, there was no on-coming traffic. He suffered a fracture, and has permanent injuries, but for him, life goes on.

Unfortunately, the outcome for Ottawa cyclist Danielle Nacu was not the same.  The tragic fatal accident involving Ms. Nacu in downtown Ottawa on Queen Street near Metcalfe Street on October 11, 2011 is a reminder to all of the importance of looking before you open your car or truck door. This was an entirely avoidable accident that has left many lives shattered.  Accidents caused by the same carelessness happen all the time.

If your loved one has been fatally injured in a cycling accident, there is compensation available to you through the Statutory Accident Benefit regime. If someone else was at fault for the accident, there may also be compensation available through the at fault driver’s insurance. A personal injury lawyer who is experienced dealing with wrongful death claims can assist you
to ensure that you secure all available compensation and reimbursement. The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth Professional Corporation would be pleased to assist you with your claim.