How can I get my car insurance company to pay my expenses? | Ontario accident

If you have been injured in an Ontario car accident, you may be wondering who will pay for the expenses you incur during your recovery.  In many cases, your car insurance company will be able to cover your expenses, but there is a specific process you have to follow in order for this to happen.

The first thing you need to do is to fill out an Expenses Claim Form (OCF 6).  You can find this form on the following website:

This form should be used to claim expenses that have not already been claimed through your health care provider.  You can claim a number of different expenses on this form, depending on what benefits you are eligible for,  such as rehabilitation treatment, transportation services, cost of hiring a caregiver, etc.  All of the expenses that you claim on this form must have been incurred as a result of your accident and must be covered by your auto insurance policy.  It is important to complete this form thoroughly and completely so that you don’t encounter any unnecessary problems with your claim.


You need to submit the Expenses Claim Form within thirty days of incurring the expense so make sure to keep track and to stay within that specified time-frame.  You also need to include any receipt you have of your expenses so it is best to develop a system of organizing your receipts so that you can easily find them and include them with your form.  Be sure to address your expense form to the appropriate adjuster from your car insurance company so that your claim gets to the right person.  Also, keep a copy of your completed form for your files.  Again, all of this may seem tedious but it is important to follow all of the details so that you can receive your claim.


If you do not receive any payment within thirty-five days of submitting your claim, follow up with the insurance adjuster.  There could be a number of reasons why you haven’t received your payment so be sure to speak with the right adjuster to see what the delay or problem is.  Remember to record all follow up in writing so either print e-mails or keep a copy of letters you send to the adjuster.  This way you have something to refer back to if something goes wrong.


While no one really enjoys filling out forms and organizing receipts, it is worth it in this case in order to receive compensation for your accident-related expenses.  It would be a shame to miss out on some financial reimbursement, so be sure to fill out the appropriate forms and follow all of the necessary steps.

Facebook and Your Ottawa Accident Case

Can information on Facebook be used in your Ontario personal injury case?


There has been some recent discussion surrounding the use of an individual’s Facebook page during Ontario personal injury litigation.  The question is whether or not an injured person’s Facebook page is relevant to litigation and if it should be disclosed.  The old Rules of Civil Procedure required that information pass a “semblance of relevance” test which was quite a low standard.  Under these rules, almost any information could be considered relevant, including any and all information on an individual’s Facebook page.  Because most personal injury cases involve discussions about the injured person’s ability to enjoy life and engage in social activity, one’s Facebook page arguably becomes relevant.


The new Rules of Civil Procedure, which are effective as of January 2010, hold a slightly higher standard of relevance.  One judge commented that the semblance of relevance test was too broad and loose and not necessary.  Although this change has been made, it is not clear how it applies to requiring the disclosure of information from Facebook.  It will likely be decided on a case by case basis until a more specific rule is created regarding Facebook and other social media websites.


Because of the uncertainty of whether or not information on an injured person’s Facebook page will be used in litigation, many lawyers are telling their clients to either stop using Facebook or to at least be aware that whatever they write or whatever pictures or videos they post, may be used in court.  Lawyers are also advising their clients to place stricter privacy settings on their accounts so that the general public can’t access their information.

The question of whether or not information from Facebook should be disclosed in court is a difficult one.  As technology and new forms of communication continue to arise, the law and the courts are going to have to reassess some of the ways in which litigation is carried out.  Whatever the final decision on the Facebook issue, hopefully it will be in the injured person’s best interest.

In the mean time, assume that every single thing you post on Facebook (or Twitter) will be seen by the insurance company, even under privacy settings.



Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer’s Secrets to a Successful Discovery

While the legal process can be overwhelming and challenging for someone who has recently suffered a personal injury, it should be comforting to know that there are a few things you can do to make your experience more positive.

No one really wants to face all that pursuing a personal injury claim entails, but having the right Ontario injury lawyer will greatly help you navigate the complicated legal process.  One of the most challenging parts of presenting your case is examination for discovery.  If you have been injured in an accident, you will likely have to be a witness at examination for discovery.  This means that you will have to explain your side of the story, answer the insurance company lawyer’s questions in cross-examination, and confront all of the evidence involved in the case.

The Ontario personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth are committed to helping their clients and other witnesses, such as family members, get through discovery successfully.  The key to doing this is preparation.  A good injury lawyer should prepare all of their witnesses for what discovery will entail.  For the lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth, this is accomplished through up to three meetings.

 During the first meeting, the injured person or their family member is oriented to the process of discovery.  Your lawyer will explain what discovery means, what will happen and what will be required of you.  The Auger Hollingsworth website is full of useful information to help witnesses prepare for discovery and during this meeting, the witness will take home a package of information to look over.  This first meeting is meant to introduce the witness to the process of discovery and to talk about the case in general terms.

 The second meeting is more detailed and involves a dry-run of what the witness will have to say and the kinds of questions they will have to answer.  Your lawyer will focus on examining you on the more difficult points of the case so that you are better prepared.

 The third and final meeting involves a mock cross examination by another lawyer in the office.  This ensures that you are fully prepared to be cross examined.  If this trial run goes well, you should be well-prepared to face any insurance company’s lawyer.  While this process of preparation may sound intense and tiring, it is worth investing the time to prepare for whatever you may face during discovery.

 If you have further questions about discovery and preparing for your case, contact the Ontario personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth.  Call us at 613 233-4529.

Will Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth take My Case?

If you have suffered an Ottawa car accident, you may be wondering if Ottawa Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth will take your personal injury case.  Check out this video, where Brenda answers this important question.

Will Ottawa Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth Take Your Case?

We would be happy to speak to you.  Just call at 613 233-4529.

Plantagenet woman Dies in car accident on County Road 17

OTTAWA LAWYER – Ontario Provincial Police have identified Thérèse Laframboise, age 76,  of Plantagenet as the victim of a fatal car accident on County Road 17 east of Ottawa.   The accident occurred on January 11, 2012, in the afternoon,  west of the Highway 34 overpass in ChamplainTownship.

It is reported that a  Kia Rio driven by a 33-year-old woman from Hawkesbury was travelling eastbound when it crossed over into the westbound lane and struck Ms. Laframboise’s car.

There are accident benefits available to family members following a fatal accident.  In the case of a death, the standard amount paid is $25,000 to your eligible spouse, $10,000 for each dependant, and a maximum of $6,000 for funeral expenses. For more information, speak to a personal injury lawyer.

Renfrew families Grieve after Sudbury area Accident

January 3, 2012 was a terrible day for Renfrew, Ontario families whose teens were killed in a tragic car accident on Highway 17.

Keegan Melville, 18, and Zabrina Rekowski, 19, of Renfrew were killed when the Ford minivan they were travelling in crossed the centre line and collided head-on with a Jeep near Hagar, Ont..  The accident happened about 50 km east of Sudbury.

The driver of the minivan, Hillary Afelskie, 19, ofAdmaston-BromleyTownship, Ont., died in hospital the following day.

Emily Olmstead, 19, of WhitewaterRegionTownship, Ont.,  is the sole survivin passenger of the minivan.

The two people in the Jeep, Walter Rancourt, 72, and Patricia Rancourt, 71, both from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario., were transported to hospital with serious injuries.

Our condolences go out to the friends and families of the injured and the deceased.

Ontario Car Accident- Justin Bieber’s Grandparents Injured in Single Vehicle Accident

Canadian musician Justin Bieber’s grandfather Bruce Dale was sent to hospital with broken ribs after rolling his SUV off a highway and into a ditch.   Justin Bieber’s grandmother Diane Dale was a passenger in the Hyundai Santa Fe which slid off a slippery road in Stratford,Ontario.   Mrs. Dale suffered a broken finger.

By all accounts, there were no other vehicles involved in the accident which was blamed on Ontario winter driving conditions.

Wondering about the insurance implications of this single vehicle accident?  Because the accident was in Ontario, both of Justin Bieber’s grandparents would be eligible for statutory accident benefits to cover their medical rehabilitation expenses and certain other losses.

Passengers in a single car accident sometimes sue the driver who caused the accident, even if the driver is the passenger’s spouse.  This is common where the driver was negligent and where the passenger’s injuries pass the Ontario threshold.

In the event that the roadway was not properly maintained and the lack of proper maintenance caused or contributed to the accident, Justin Bieber’s grandparents could consider suing the municipality or provincial entity responsible for the roadway maintenance.

We wish The Biebs’ grandparents a speedy recovery.  If you have a question about a single vehicle roll over accident, call our firm at 613 233-4529.

Ottawa Glebe Accident Injures Four People

OTTAWA LAWYER —  On January 1, 2012, at 7:30 am a 36-year-old woman suffered serious injuries after an accident between a minivan and a car.  The Ottawa car accident occurred at the corner of Bank Street and Isabella Street.

One woman was rushed to hospital in serious but stable condition with chest injuries.  Three occupants in the second vehicle suffered minor injuries.


Alfred Ontario Car Accident Kills Two

OTTAWA ACCIDENT LAWYER- On January 3, 2012 two people, including an Ottawa man, were killed in a head-on crash involving a tractor trailer on Highway 17.  The accident happened near Alfred, Ontario early in the morning.

It is reported that a pickup truck and a transport truck collided on the County Road 15 and Peladeau Road at about 3:15 a.m.  Unfortunately both drivers died at the scene.   Early reports suggest that neither driver was wearing a seatbelt, although that has not been proven.

The driver of the pickup truck has been identified as 31-year-old Ghislian Landry of Orleans. The driver of the tractor trailer is 50-year-old Gordon Wray of Oshawa.   Our condolences to their families.

The road was re-opened Tuesday afternoon after about 12 hours. Police said they are  trying to determine the cause of the car accident.