How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Every year in Ottawa and throughout Ontario, there are hundreds of motorcycle accidents.  Many of these accidents result in serious injury and some are even fatal.  Many of these accidents and injuries are avoidable.  Knowledge and prevention are key tools in remaining safe when riding a motorcycle.

Reasons for Reported Motorcycle Accidents in Ontario

  • Speeding/riding too fast for conditions
  • Helmet was not being worn
  • Loss of control
  • Under 25 years of age
  • Single-vehicle collisions

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario monitors and keeps statistics on accidents on its roadways.  It also sets out rules and regulations that are to be followed by all drivers and motorcyclists are not excluded.  Helmets are required by law when riding a motorcycle in Ontario, yet 10% of riders who were killed and 15% who were injured were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.  Protecting yourself can be the difference between a serious injury or a fatal accident.

Suggestions For Motorcycle Riding Protection (MOT)

  • An approved motorcycle helmet
  • Good quality motorcycle riding equipment
  • Wear long sleeved shirts and pants
  • Jackets with protective padding (areas like shoulder and elbows)
  • Wear leather gloves and boots
  • Wear bright colours and reflective clothing

With a little education and good judgment, motorcycle accidents can be greatly reduced and injuries from accidents can be less severe.   Follow all posted traffic signs and keep control of your bike at all times and dress in proper clothing.  Keep your motorcycle in good repair and make sure your insurance is up to date.  Riding can be a most pleasurable hobby and the most enjoyable way to travel.  Do it responsibly and enjoy it.

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Motorcycle Hit and Run Accidents: City of Ottawa

Of all the possible accidents, the hit and run accident is often the one that grabs the most headlines and attention.  Society tends to accept that motorcycle accidents do happen but, not taking proper measures and responsibility when you have been involved in a motorcycle accident is seen as a slap in the face to our moral conventions.  Not only is it a criminal offence in Ontario to flee the scene of an accident, it also puts an added, unneeded strain on the victims of the accident, who often have enough to deal with financially, physically and emotionally.

If you have been involved or injured in a motorcycle collision and a victim of a hit and run, it presents some major challenges.  Often you are dealing with serious injuries and health issues, which should always be the number one priority of any accident victim.  In addition to this there is the added burden of trying to remember what happened and providing details to help apprehend the hit and run offender.  If at all possible, do your best to remember as much about the accident and the vehicle that caused this accident as possible.  Sometimes the smallest detail can be the most important.  If your injuries do not permit you to remember, do not worry.  The Ottawa Police and OPP, as well as crime scene investigators will use witnesses and evidence left at the scene to find and bring to justice this criminal offender.

It is important to remember that you are a victim of a crime.  As soon as possible you or someone you trust should contact a qualified personal injury lawyer to understand your rights and start working towards the compensation you are entitled to.  The person responsible for your accident could be held liable for any and all of the following.

  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Loss of personal income (both time and wages)
  • Therapy and continuing treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological damage

If you or a loved one has been involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident in Ottawa or within

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Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Information

With its beautiful landscape and long winding roads, Ontario has long been a popular motorcycling area.  Unfortunately, every year thousands of motorcycle collisions are reported, many involving serious injuries and death to drivers and passengers.  The Ministry of Transportation (MOT) of Ontario compiles and reports 10 year statistical studies of these motorcycle accidents.  The most recent study produced the following statistics.

Motorcycle Accidents: Injury and Death Reports (MOT: 2007)

Drivers                                                  Passengers

Year       Killed    Injured                Killed     Injured

1997       36           993                         2              255

1998       32           1,068                     3              263

1999       38           1,115                     3              223

2000       37           1,161                     1              257

2001       49           1,166                     3              318

2002       35           1,161                     3              311

2003       46           1,087                     6              268

2004       44           1,107                     3             297

2005       68           1,206                     6             362

2006       48           1,219                     5             352


There is no statistical evidence to explain the fluctuation in numbers from one year to the other, although experts suggest it is often related to the length of the motorcycling season and road conditions during the season.  Of particular interest are some statistics on those crashes that have resulted in death.

  • 20%: under the age of 25
  • 21%: alcohol involved
  • 57%: speed too fast
  • 34%: single vehicle collision
  • 73%: during daytime hours
  • 44%: on weekends


It is also interesting to note, that even though motorcycle helmets have been mandatory in Ontario for over 40 years, 15% of those killed were not wearing a helmet.  The Ministry of Transportation cautions all riders to wear helmets to avoid costly fines and most importantly, to help maintain the safety of you and your passengers and avoid personal injury.

Helmets save lives and can greatly increase your chances of avoiding a serious motorcycle injury or death. Ontario provides a beautiful backdrop for long sightseeing rides.  Enjoy them with safety and responsibility.

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Things To Consider After an Ottawa Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle carries with it a higher burden of responsibility than for most drivers on the roads.  You are not encased in a steel frame and you do not have the added protection of seatbelts and airbags.  Riders must exercise extra caution as they are more vulnerable to more serious and different types of personal injuries.  For this reason it is also important to know what to do after you have been in an accident.  If you have been in a motorcycle accident in Ottawa, you should seek medical attention and consult an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer to ensure you are taken care of in any pending settlements.

Motorcycle injuries can often be very serious.  Some injuries, while still serious, may not be as easy to spot as fractured bones or severe cuts or lacerations.  Muscle, tendon and nerve injuries can often take days or even weeks to present any symptoms.  Concussions are also known to not show symptoms in the early stages after a motorcycle accident.  Nevertheless, all these injuries can have tragic effects on your ability to work and live for many years down the road.  Seek medical help and have a thorough post- accident examination immediately.  The sooner injuries are discovered and treated, the sooner you are can be on the road to recovery.

As soon as possible after your motorcycle accident, contact an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer.  With their professional experience, help and guidance, they can help you ask the right questions and get the right answers.  From doctors to questions regarding insurance claims and benefits, they will ensure that your health and best interests are represented and you get the treatment, defence and settlements that you deserve.

If you have been involved in an Ottawa motorcycle accident contact, or have suffered a motorcycle injury, contact the personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth for a free no charge consultation.  Call us at 613 233-4529.