Ottawa Judge Awards $6.1 Million After Rollover accident on Highway 401

Ottawa Lawyer –  The Honourable Mr. Justice Quigley released his judgment yesterday in our case involving a man in his twenties who suffered a serious spinal cord injury, among other injuries, in a single vehicle rollover accident.  He was a passenger in the car.  The accident was near Brockville in early 2007.

The award totalled $6.1 Million, including damages for pain and suffering, future medical and rehabilitation costs, loss of income, loss of housekeeping and family law act claims for certain family members.

We had a great team of experts on the case:  occupational therapist Matilda Amos of Functionability, neuropsychologist, Dr. Catherine Gow, forsensic accountant Darrell Sherman from ADS, forensic engineer Peter Williamson,  labour market researcher Natalie Beck-Livingstone and life care planner Michelle Wagenberg of Carol Bierbrier and Associates.   His Honour (the judge) carefully reviewed all of this evidence when reaching his decision on damages.  This case is proof that putting together the right team is very important in order to get a fair assessment of your damages.

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4 True Facts About Ontario Insurance Claims After a Car Accident

1. An Ottawa auto accident claim is not a get rich quick scheme. Awards of money for pain and suffering are very modest in Ontario. The most severe injuries (think quadriplegia or the worst brain injury) will receive less than $350,000 for pain and suffering. Sometimes injured victims receive very large, even multi-million dollar awards. However, when that is the case, it is because they cannot work (loss of income) or have extra-ordinary future care costs.

2. Some bad drivers need to be held accountable. While many people who cause an Ontario accident are normally careful drivers who were temporarily negligent, there are some drivers who cause multiple accidents; have many driving infractions etc. A law suit is one way to send the message that unsafe driving is not okay.

3. Most Ontario car accident law suits are totally legitimate and deserving. The insurance industry likes to talk about fraud. While there are fraudsters out there, as in any industry, the number of fake claims is significantly overstated.

4. Ontario Car Accident Victims Suffer. Whether it is chronic pain, broken bones, psychological illness or brain injury, car accident victims’ lives are often fundamentally and permanently changed. Monetary compensation is no substitute for their old lives, but, it is hoped that it will provide some solace.

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Ottawa man killed in motorcycle accident, Wife Injured

OTTAWA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT-   54-year-old Mike Jefferies, a long time motorcycle rider, was killed on Saturday when his motorcycle collided with a minivan in front of the St. Laurent shopping centre.  His wife was riding with him and suffered serious injuries.

Police were looking for witnesses to the crash.

We extend our sympathies to the family.

If you or a loved one has suffered a motorcycle injury, you may have access to statutory accident benefits and / or a claim against the at fault driver (or his or her insurance company).

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Ottawa Bus Crash Leads to Bylaw Charge

OTTAWA BUS ACCIDENT — Ottawa police have charged a OC Transpo bus driver after an accident that sent a pedestrian to hospital in April 2012.  The charge was: “failing to yield the right of way to a pedestrian using an authorized pedestrian crossover.”

A 32 year old man was hit by the bus on April 4 near the Baseline and Woodroffe transit stations.  His serious injuries were life threatening.

Did you know that it is very difficult to settle a case against the City of Ottawa without starting a law suit?  Unlike traditional motor vehicle accidents where you may be able to settle directly with an adjuster, OC Transpo cases usually requires an experienced personal injury lawyer to get the case done.

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