Fractures after a Serious Ottawa Motor Vehicle Accident

If you have suffered a fracture after a serious Ottawa motor vehicle accident, you will likely have ca claim for pain and suffering against the driver who caused the accident.  This is true regardless of whether you were a passenger, cyclist or another driver.

Call Brenda Hollingsworth at 613 860-4529 to discuss how our law firm can help you get what you need after a fracture.  You may be entitled to:

  • payment for crutches, casts and other medical devices you need;
  • payment for physiotherapy and other non-OHIP covered treatment you require;
  • payment to compensate for pain and suffering;
  • payment to cover for your lost wages;
  • payment to cover the housekeeping expenses you incur because you are injured.

This is only a partial list of how Brenda Hollingsworth’s office can help you after a serious Ottawa Motor Vehicle Accident where you suffer a fracture.

For more information on how we can help you, call 613 860-4529 to schedule an appointment.  Want to meet in person?  If you have a broken leg or ankle, we can certainly come to you.  Our office is also fully wheelchair / walker accessible and there is parking right by the front door.

Serious Ottawa Car Accident After Winter Storm

A tragic fatal car accident on the 401 near Prescott killed a 57 year old man this week, according to the Ottawa Citizen.   Early reports indicate that the severe winter weather is to blame for the motor vehicle accident which also injured other people.

 What Happens when Weather Causes an Accident?

The truth is that weather itself is rarely considered the official cause of a collision, although it is frequently cited as a factor in an Ottawa car accident.  Driver error in light of the weather, improperly cleared roads and / or mechanical malfunction are far more likely to be the true causes  of serious winter Ottawa car accidents.

What If I am injured in an Ottawa car accident in a snow storm?

Regardless of who or what caused the Ottawa car accident, you will be able to access the statutory accident benefits.  These are the no fault benefits that are available to virtually everyone after an accident, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and even those rugged winter cyclists if they have an accident involving a motor vehicle.  The statutory accident benefits also include certain death benefits in the unfortunate situation where the accident is fatal.

If you are not at fault in the accident, you may also have a claim against the driver who was at fault.  In certain winter situations, there can also be a claim against the government responsible for clearing the roads if road conditions played a part in the accident and if the roads were not cleared to the appropriate standard.

Speak to an Ottawa personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after a winter storm accident to get the information you need to determine if you have a claim for damages (compensation).  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are available at 613 860-4529.  We offer free no-obligation consultations in our convenient barrier-free Ottawa office.  If you prefer to meet by telephone, we offer that option as well.