Perth Car Accident Follows Police Chase

April 10, 2013 –  Three teens were seriously injured in a car accident near Perth, Ontario on Wednesday morning.    The accident happened when the vehicle crashed into a hydro pole in the area of County Road 10 between Richardson Side Road and Ford Road.

The vehicle had earlier been involved with the Lanark Ontario Provincial Police.  A police cruiser had attempted unsuccessfully to stop the vehicle before the collision with the hydro pole.

The teens were transferred to the Ottawa Hospital for care of their major injuries.

What Legal Rights Do the Injured Passengers Have?

It is very common for inexperienced teenaged drivers to have single car accidents while their friends are in the car.  This is a major worry for all parents once their children reach driving age.  If your child is a passenger in a single vehicle accident, here are some important steps to take as soon as practical after the accident:

  1. Contact your own insurance company to advise of the accident.  Many people don’t realize that your no fault accident benefits come from your own insurance company, even if your own vehicle was not involved in the accident.  Typically, your children will be covered by your accident benefits if they live with you or are your dependents.
  2. If your teen is not completely independent after discharge from the hospital, speak to a personal injury lawyer about getting an attendant care assessment.  Your accident benefit insurer may pay to have you, or a professional care giver, to look after your teen.
  3. Make sure you keep your family doctor in the loop.  Sometimes when the hospital has been dealing with the injuries at the emergency stage, families forget to involve the G.P. in the early recovery process.  It is vital that emergency records and other reports be copied to your family doctor to ensure continuity of care.
  4. Don’t “promise” your teen that you will not take legal action against the driver of the vehicle.  Your teen may have serious, long term effects from the accident.   The driver’s liability insurance was purchased to compensate for the type of injuries your teen has suffered.  If your child’s career path is impacted, or his / her quality of life significantly reduced, any insurance money recovered will be very important.

At Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers we have experience explaining the legal process to young people.  We would be happy to explain the options to you and your teen.  To meet with us for a free, no obligation consulation at your home, hospital or our office, call us at 613 -860-4529.



Winchester Car Accident Hospitalizes Two Men

Two drivers were hospitalized after a morning car accident on April 11, 2013 at about 6 a.m.  The accident happened on Highway 31, south of Winchester, between county roads 38 and 43.

News reports indicate that both drivers were trapped in their vehicles and that both had serious injuries.

The two drivers, both in their 20’s, were reported to have suffered head injuries, among other injuries.

The Winchester car accident was described as a head on collision between a pick up truck and a mini van.

Next Step After the Winchester CarAccident

If you or your loved one was involved in a head on collision like the April 11th accident, there are important steps you should take to protect your legal rights.

  • Contact your own auto insurance company and request the forms for the statutory accident benefits.  These benefits will assist you with the expenses while you are in hospital.  They also provide income replacement benefits and other significant funding.
  • Keep track of all of your expenses (receipts, etc.)
  • Speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer BEFORE you speak to a representative of the other insurance company.  At Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers we provide a NO OBLIGATION, FREE consulation before you speak to the adjuster.

Please feel free to call at 613 860-4529.  We would be pleased to provide our advice.

Avoid Mistakes When Hiring an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

            If you have suffered a serious motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident or slip-and-fall you may be looking for an Ottawa personal injury lawyer to help you claim the compensation you need and deserve.  Choosing the right personal injury lawyer is a very important part of the process.  It is very important to make the right decision at the outset of your case.  Although it is possible to do so, it is very difficult to change personal injury lawyers part way through your process.

Here are some very common mistakes to avoid when choosing your Ottawa personal injury lawyer:


            1.         Hire an injury lawyer who “drops in” to your hospital room following your injury.

It is increasingly common for personal injury lawyers, or people who work for them, to troll the halls of the trauma unit at the Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus or the Rehabilitation Center on Smyth Road looking for clients.  You should be very suspicious of any lawyer, or lawyer representative, who approaches you in the hospital and attempts to sign you up.  This is a practice that is frowned upon in the legal profession.  It is also a signal that the lawyer may be seeking to take advantage of your vulnerability.  While you are in the hospital you are unlikely to be able to do the research required in order to make the correct choice of Ottawa personal injury lawyer.


For example, while you are in the hospital you may not have access to the internet or if you do it may be on your hand-held device only.  A thorough investigation of personal injury lawyer would include a review of that lawyer’s web presence to see if that lawyer provides information about past cases, references and other resources.


            2.         Choose an Ottawa personal injury lawyer whose business card is handed to you by hospital staff.

Although this is less common in Ottawa than in other locations like Toronto, unfortunately, there is hospital staff who have arrangements with Ottawa personal injury lawyers to provide their details and to sign up patients in hospital.  Typically these relationships involve a kickback [monetary or in gifts or trips] to the hospital staff making the referral.  My own clients have received this type of approach from hospital staff and it is certainly a significant concern for the same reason that it is a concern when a lawyer approaches you himself or herself in the hospital.


            3.         Choose an Ottawa personal injury lawyer with a general practice who does not have a focus on personal injury.

Personal injury is a specialized area of law with many small particularities.

A lack of familiarity with the requirements of personal injury law, including statutory accident benefit law, can result in significant detriment to your case.  These lawyers may not have the knowledge to develop your damages [i.e. the amount of money you receive] as well as an experienced personal injury lawyer would.  It is of vital importance that the level of expertise of your personal injury be carefully assessed.


4.         Hire an Ottawa personal injury lawyer without a detailed consultation.

If you are asked to sign a retainer agreement or other contract without having had a thorough interview by the personal injury lawyer you should be concerned.  In order to assess the likelihood of success for the dollar value of a personal injury case a lawyer really must sit down with you and review your case in detail.  Sometimes it’s possible for this to happen on the telephone, and that may be preferable when you are from an outlying region and want to make a decision promptly.  However, if the contract comes first and the consultation comes second you should be concerned.

For more information about hiring an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer call Brenda Hollingsworth at (613) 860‑4529.

Injury Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth Wins WSIB Case

For a woman in our office who was tragically injured while a passenger in a single vehicle rollover accident, the road to financial recovery has been greeted with repeated obtruction by the responsible insurance company.

Two years after the accident,  the insurer took the position that her injury was not a motor vehicle accident, but actually a WSIB (workers compensation) case.  Injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth fought against this position for her client.

The insurer brought an application to the WSIAT tribunal.  After a two day hearing that took place over two days 8 months apart, the WSIAT ruled that the car accident was not a workplace injury and that our clinet could sue.

However,  that was not good enough for the insurance company.  The insurer wanted yet another kick at the can.  As a result, they requested a reconsideration of the decision (similar to an appeal).

Fortunately, last week the WSIAT ruled in our client’s favour after reading Brenda Hollingsworth’s written submissions.  Now this client’s case can continue toward a pre-trial and ultimately trial.

What can Injury Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth do for you?

If you need a personal injury lawyer who will FIGHT for you, contact Brenda Hollingsworth, personal injury lawyer, at 613-860-4529.