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  • Ottawa Car Accident Injuries – Brain Injury

    Ottawa Car Accident Injuries – Brain Injury

    Common Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

    Physical Symptoms

    • seizures of all types
    • muscle spasticity
    • double vision, blurred vision or low vision
    • blindness
    • loss of smell or taste
    • slow or slurred speech
    • headaches or migraines
    • fatigue, increased need for sleep
    • balance problems

    Cognitive Symptoms

    • short or long-term memory loss
    • slowed ability to process information
    • trouble concentrating or paying attention for periods of time
    • difficulty keeping up with a conversation, other communication difficulties such as problems finding words
    • spatial disorientation
    • organizational problems and impaired judgement
    • unable to do more than one thing at a time
    • a lack of initiating activities, or once started, difficulty in completing tasks without a reminder

    Emotional Symptoms

    • increased anxiety
    • depression and mood swings
    • impulsive behavior
    • more easily agitated
    • egocentric behaviors, difficulty seeing how behavior can affect others

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