Ottawa Insurance Lawyer Working for You after an Accident

Ontario Lawyer — After a serious motor vehicle accident, you need an experienced plaintiff-side Ottawa insurance lawyer working for you to assist you to advance both your accident benefit claim and your claim against the at-fault driver for damages.   Ottawa insurance lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth acts only for injured people, never for insurance companies.

You need an insurance lawyer who will:

  • analyze your application for accident benefits to ensure you have applied for an obtained all of the benefits to which you are legally entitled,
  • ensure that the at fault driver is on notice of a potential claim,
  • mediate and arbitrate or sue when your accident benefits are wrongly denied,
  • negotiate with the accident benefit adjuster and the tort adjuster to ensure that any chance for a fair settlement is considered,
  • commence legal action promptly if that is required,
  • obtain the necessary medical and liability experts to prosecute your case,
  • prepare you to be examined for discovery,
  • prepare properly for mediation,
  • prepare properly for a pre-trial,
  • bring motions where required to move cases along; and
  • represent you well at trial.

The Ottawa insurance lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth will do all this, and more, to assist you with your motor vehicle accident claim.

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