Fatal Ontario motor vehicle – cyclist accident near Nipigon.

July 23, 2013 – A fatal Ontario motor vehicle – cyclist accident near Nipigon, Ontario has claimed the lives of a cycling couple from North Glengarry Township.

The two cyclists were avid riders.  Starting in Vancouver, they were cycling across Canada with 23 other riders. On July 23rd the pair was hit by a pickup truck driven by a 60-year-old man from Austin, Texas.

According to news reports, the daughter of the two victims said she spoke to them the night before. They were worried about the upcoming stretch of road due to hills, curves, and overall terrain conditions.  When news of the accident reached home, the daughter thought the accident might have been caused by terrain issues. The pickup driver might not have seeing the couple until it was too late. There could have been a hill or sharp curve in the road that blocked his vision. However, when looking at the stretch of Ontario  Highway where the accident took place, it is completely straight.

After a fatal Ontario motor vehicle – cyclist accident, what rights do you, the family, have in seeking compensation?

As the family member of a victim who was killed in a motor vehicle – cyclist accident you can often claim death benefits under SABS. SABS are the statutory accident benefits claims that everyone is entitled to under their own insurance. The death benefits provide compensation to both spouses and dependants while helping cover death and funeral costs.

Family members may also have a claim (lawsuit) against the at fault driver. However, there are time limitations to file your claim. All time limitations are different, depending on your specific case and situation.  To find out the limitation period for your case, your best option is to call us at 613-860-4529 and set up a free consultation. The personal injury lawyers at our office deal with many cycling accidents and fatal accidents.


Why should I hire an Ontario lawyer who has a focus in personal injury after my Ontario personal injury accident?

When searching online or in the Yellow Pages for an Ontario lawyer after your Ontario personal injury accident,  a large pool of potential lawyers will be available. However, not all lawyers have a focus on personal injury cases.  The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office get asked by many accident victims looking for a lawyer why they should look for an Ontario personal injury lawyer and not a lawyer they know,  or one with a strong reputation in another field of law.

For a personal answer to this case,  your best option is to call us at 613-860-4529.

The field of personal injury is complex.   You want a lawyer who has a lot of experience dealing with personal injury cases and who knows the law.   Ontario has the most complex system for motor vehicle accidents due to the blended fault/no-fault system.

Lianne Laing and Brenda Hollingsworth talk about the importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer for personal injury cases on CTV Morning Live. Watch as Brenda Hollingsworth also answers a viewer’s question about lawyers who say you do not have a case.  Brenda explains why you need to make sure the lawyer you are talking to is a personal injury lawyer who handles a range of personal injury cases.

The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office focus exclusively on personal injury and know the best professionals to use to support your case. Every doctor, insurance company, and therapist is different and you want a lawyer that knows which ones will support your case in the most effective way and which ones can be more challenging to work with.

If you have suffered an Ontario motor vehicle accident or slip and fall accident call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation at 613-860-4529.

Spinal Cord Injury After an Ontario Bicycle Accident

One of the most serious injuries an Ottawa cyclist can sustain is spinal cord injury.  Like head trauma, damage to the spinal cord is severe and can certainly be life-altering.  Because the spinal cord is responsible for transmitting signals from the brain to the body, and vice-versa, damage to the spinal cord can have very serious and lasting effects on an individual’s health and their ability to function.  The most severe consequences of spinal cord injury involve permanent disability or paralysis of part of the body or the entire body.  The extent of the injury depends upon the location of the damage to the spinal cord. 

Some of the Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injury

A variety of symptoms accompany a spinal cord injury.  Some of the symptoms include numbness, loss of feeling, and loss of motor function in the area below the injury.  Because the spinal cord controls all of the nerves in a person’s’ body, the symptoms of spinal cord injuries usually have to do with sensation and movement of parts of the body near the site of injury.  The severity of these symptoms varies depending on the extent of the damage done to particular nerves.  It is possible to regain sensation or movement in areas that were once affected by nerve damage, but this is never a guarantee.

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injuries May Require Rehabilitation 

Individuals who suffer from spinal cord injury are often hospitalized and require intense medical treatment.  This often placed a burden on themselves and their friends and family.  It can be difficult emotionally and financially.  Because of the severity of the injuries, treatment for spinal cord injuries can take a long time and there are often recurring bouts of treatment, rehabilitation and other medical appointments.

Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help? 

For these reasons, a personal injury lawyer can be very beneficial in this kind of situation.  It is important to enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer who can help you receive compensation for your injuries.  If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury, contact the personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth.  Call us at 613 233-4529 or use the contact form on the site. 

How to teach your child important bicycle skills

OTTAWA INJURY LAWYER  — As Ottawa personal injury lawyers we frequently come across individuals who were injured in car accidents, slip and falls or in a workplace situation, but often the most heartbreaking cases are those that involve injured children.  While we can’t protect our children from every harm, we should do all we can to help prevent situations in which they can get seriously injured.  Bicycle safety is an important area that can help save your child from being unnecessarily injured.  As parents, there are a few simple things you can do to help your child avoid accidents and injuries while riding their bicycle.

While it may seem obvious, teaching your child how to ride in a straight line is very important.  Riding a bicycle can be difficult at first and riding it in a straight line can be even tougher!  Before you let your child ride off with their friends, make sure that you are confident (and so are they) that they can consistently ride in a straight line.  If they can ride in a straight line, they will be better able to stay out of the way of other vehicles and pedestrians.  To teach this to your child, take them to a quiet park or empty parking lot where there is plenty of room and few obstacles.  Stand a short distance away from your child and have them ride towards you in a straight line.  Have them practice this several times, and if you want, you can gradually increase the distance they have to ride to reach you.

Another important skill for you to teach your child is how to turn.  This can be a difficult skill for beginner cyclists so it may take some time for your child to be able to successfully turn while riding their bike.  To teach your child how to effectively turn, take your child to an empty parking lot or cul-de-sac and have them practice riding in a figure-eight pattern.  At first it will be easier for your child to ride in a larger pattern, but over time you can challenge them to make the figure-eights smaller, thus allowing them to practice tighter turns.

Once your child has mastered these basic cycling skills, you can teach them more advanced, but very important, skills such as looking back without swerving.  It is important for cyclists to look behind them before making a left-hand turn, but while doing so, they must continue to ride in a straight line.  You can practice this with your child by once again taking them to an empty parking lot or park and have them ride past you.  As they ride past, hold up a picture of a car or hide the picture behind your back.  Tell them to look back and tell you if they have seen the car.  This exercise will teach your child to look back and assess the situation without swerving.

One last skill you should teach your child is braking control.  It can take time to learn how much pressure to put on the brake and to learn how long it will take to stop before reaching an obstacle.  It can be difficult for a child to judge the distance between themselves and an obstacle and to then break in time.  To practice proper braking techniques with your child, draw a line on your driveway or in an empty parking lot and have your child practice riding towards the line and then stopping right before it.  You can have them approach the line at varying speeds so that they learn how to properly brake in different situations.

Before you let your kids ride their bicycles with their friends outside of your supervision, make sure that they have mastered these few important skills.  By equipping your child with essential bicycle skills, you have done your part to help prevent bicycle accidents and injuries.  Nonetheless, if you or your child has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident, you may benefit from speaking with a personal injury lawyer.  An Ontario injury lawyer can assess your case and help you with any legal proceedings you may be able to pursue.  The personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth would be happy to discuss your case with you.

Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth – Bicycle and Car Accidents on Ottawa Streets

Lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth – Bicycle and Car Accidents on Ottawa Streets

Ottawa personal injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth appeared on Daytime Ottawa today to review what steps you should take if you are injured in an Ottawa accident involving a motor vehicle and a bicycle.

Here is Auger Hollingsworth’s

10 Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle – Bicycle Collision

  1. Get Safe–  Make sure you are off the road, out of the way of oncoming traffic.  Save yourself first, worry about your bike after.
  2. Don’t Apologize or Explain – Be polite but do not accept responsibility or explain what you were doing to the other driver(s).
  3. Call the Police and / or Ambulance–  Remember, what may seem like a minor accident or minor injuries can get much worse as the hours or days go by and pain sets in.  If you don’t call the police to the scene, you miss the opportunity to have a report done at the scene.  Get the officer’s name and badge number.
  4. Look for Witnesses.  Assuming you are able, track down the names and numbers of people who witnessed the accident.  Don’t have a pen and paper?  Consider texting the info on your cell.  Many PDA’s have “note” options.
  5. Take Photos–  Remember your cell phone has a camera.  Take photos of all sides of any vehicle involved, do a close up of any damage, consider photos of witnesses, license plate numbers and the accident scene.
  6. Exchange Information– Get the name and contact info of any involved driver and vehicle owner.  Take the driver’s license number and insurance information too.
  7. Get Immediate Medical Attention–  If you do not need to go to the emergency room, visit your family doctor or walk-in clinic shortly after the accident.  Sprains, strains and even fractures are not always immediately obvious.  If you wait, you may have a hard time proving the accident caused the injury.
  8. Document the Damage to Your Bike–   Have your bike assessed by an experienced bike technician or engineer before it is repaired or scrapped.
  9. Report the Accident.-  Even if the bike accident was not your fault, report it to your auto insurer to activate your accident benefits.  If you don’t have auto insurance, report the accident to the other person’s insurer.
  10. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Free no Obligation Consultation.  If you contact Auger Hollingsworth, we will provide you with a free copy of our two books:  An Injured Victim’s Guide to Fairm Compensation and Crash Course:  A Savvy Woman’s Guide to Ontario Accident Claims.  Both have important information for cycling accident victims.

If you have been injured by a car while riding a bicycle or as a pedestrian, it’s important to speak with a top personal injury lawyer as soon as you’ve received necessary medical treatment. For more information, contact the Ottawa lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by email [email protected] or by phone at (613) 233-4529.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers – Bicycle – Car Accidents

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers – ‘Share the Road’ for safety

As Ottawa personal injury lawyers who see a lot of bicycle accidents, this initiative impresses us. On July 19, 2009, Ottawa resident, Perth native and Carleton University social work student Hilary McNamee was struck by a van, along with four other cyclists, on March Road in Kanata.

A year later she is spreading a message of cycling safety to Perth, and she plans to deliver the same message about bicycle safety to Ottawa this summer. On Sunday, May 16, 2010, she highlighted wearing bicycle helmets as an important safety measure to avoid serious injuries when speaking at the Perth and District Chamber of Commerce Bike Rodeo. This August, she plans to be an Ottawa representative for Share the Road, a cycling advocacy group with a mission “to make Ontario bicycle friendly for everyone” by doing the following:

  • Enhancing access for bicyclists on roads and trails
  • Improving safety for all bicyclists
  • Educating citizens on the value and importance of safe bicycling for healthy lifestyles and communities

The expansion of Share the Road to Ottawa will be kicked off with a bicycle ride to raise awareness. For more information about Share the Road, visit www.sharetheroad.ca. If you have suffered a cycling accident in Ontario, you may have access to accident benefits and you may have a claim against a motorist who hit you.  Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth to determine if you have a case for your serious injuries. Visit us online at: www.personalinjuryottawa.ca

Ottawa cyclists ride for safer road conditions, fewer bicycle-vehicle collisions

Ottawa cyclists ride for safer road conditions, fewer bicycle-vehicle collisions

OTTAWA LAWYERS – As the personal injury lawyer for many injured cyclists, I ma impressed by this initiative.  In an effort to make their voices heard by the government, more than 200 local cyclists took their bicycles to the streets of Ottawa this past Sunday.

The riding event was organized following the recent death of an Ottawa cyclist who collided with a vehicle on Boyce St. Those participating in the event were pushing for legislation to prevent further tragic bicycling accidents in Ottawa and other Canadian cities.

One group who helped organize the event has already seen some satisfying results – they successfully pushed the government to introduce a law which increases the penalties against those caught driving with suspended licenses. The new law, named after the collision victim, will go into effect this fall.

This Sunday, participants in the ride were advocating a new idea: a law which would require at least one meter of clearance between vehicle drivers and cyclists on city roadways.

Bicycle injuries continue to be a serious problem on Ontario’s roads. Data collected and published by Transport Canada in 2005 revealed that in 2004, there were 3,597 bicycle-vehicle collisions in Ontario alone.

If you have been injured by a vehicle while cycling, be sure to get medical attention right away, and to follow up with your family physician in the days that follow.  Remember that some injuries take a few days to settle in.  Getting early medical attention is smart for your health and also helps in the event that you wish to pursue a claim for damages.  For more information about what to after an accident, contact the Ottawa injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by email [email protected] or telephone 613 233-4529.

Ottawa Bicycle Accidents | Ottawa Lawyer

Bicycle accidents are common in the Ottawa area.  When your cycling accident results in injury, let Auger Hollingsworth help you get the compensation you need.

  • Statutory Accident Benefits (also called SABS or ABs or no fault)–>  Regardless of who caused the accident, anyone involved in an Ontario accident with a motor vehicle is entitled to Statutory Accident Benefits.  There benefits include:
    • medical and rehabilitation funds
    • income replacement benefits
    • attendant care
    • clothing replacement
    • visitors expenses
    • mileage
    • and more.
  • Damages Claim (also called a tort claim) –> If you didn’t cause the accident, you may be entitled to bring a negligence claim against the driver who hit you and your bike.  In that claim, you can seek compensation for:
    • pain and suffering
    • loss of income (if your loss is more than what is included in the income replacement benefits)
    • housekeeping
    • excess medical compensation
    • and more. 


The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth can help you initiate and prosecute both your no fault claims and your claims against the at-fault drivers.  Call us at 613 233-4529 or email us at [email protected].

What Types of Accidents Are We Considering?

Catastrophic injuries are frequent outcomes of the interaction between a motor vehicle and a cyclist, because of the difference in size and weight between a bicycle and a car or truck.  Common injuries include:

  • Concussions/ Closed Head Injury/ Tramatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury, such as paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Fractures such as broken bones
  • Back Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Scarring or other disfigurement
  • Amputation

If you have been injured in an Ottawa bicycle accident, you should contact experienced personal injury lawyers like the lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth immediately.  Email us at [email protected] for a free consultation with no obligation.   Our lawyers will start working on your case immediately.  There is so much to do!  We look forward to working with you on your accident case

Ottawa Lawyer: Build a better bike helmet to avoid head injury

Ottawa Lawyer: Build a better bike helmet to avoid head injury

Avoiding child head injuries and child spinal cord injury is a pressing issue for all Ottawa parents, especially when those parents are also personal injury lawyers who see the damage a bike accident can cause.  There is progress toward this shared goal.  Researchers have been working towards a new design for a bicycle helmet which would more effectively prevent injuries to the spinal cord. This new design is made to lessen the compression that occurs in the vertebrae. Would you wear one?


The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth have successfully represented children who have been injured while riding their bicycles.  If you have a question about your child’s bicycle accident, contact us at [email protected]

Ottawa Cycling Injury: How Car/Bike Accidents Happen in Ontario

Ottawa Cycling Injury:  How Car  / Bike Accidents Happen in Ontario

The Ottawa Citizen has reported that there were no fatal motor vehicle accidents involving cyclists in 2008.  However, 262 cyclists and 9 drivers were injured were injured in Ottawa accidents involving bikes and cars.

As of July 2009, one cyclist died as the result of an Ottawa collision with a motor vehicle.

Here are some collision statistics you should be aware of when assessing your risk as an Ottawa cyclist or when considering what you should be monitoring as an Ottawa driver.

Apparent driver manoeuvres in 2008 collisions involving motor vehicles and cyclists in Ottawa.

Going ahead: 101, Turning right: 91, Turning left: 48, Stopped: 24, Other: 28

Apparent cyclist manoeuvres in 2008 in collisions involving motor vehicles

 and cyclists.

Going ahead: 255, Turning left: 22, Other: 34

If you have been injured in a cycling accident, a personal injury lawyer will assess how the accident happened in your specific circumstances.  We will consider who had the right of way, as well as any other factors.  To do this, your Ottawa injury lawyers will examine the police report, if any, and speak to any pertinent witnesses. 

Injured in an Ontario bike accident?  Call 613 233-4529 and our accident lawyers will help you learn your legal rights.

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