Westboro crash leaves Ottawa woman suffering head injuries.

Serious head injuries at the scene of an Ottawa motor vehicle accident.

June 30th 2013 – An early morning, 2-vehicle accident at the intersection of Richmond Road and Golden Avenue sent two women to hospital.

When Police arrived on scene they treated a woman in her twenties for serious head injuries and rushed her to the Ottawa Hospital’s trauma center in critical condition.

A woman in her sixties drove the second car.  She had to be removed from her vehicle with the help of Firefighters and the Jaws of Life. She was taken to the hospital in stable condition suffering chest and abdominal injuries.

What should your next step be after suffering head injuries in an Ontario motor vehicle accident?

After receiving emergency medical treatment, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer to consider whether you have a claim for compensation and to ensure you receive all of the medical benefits you are entitled to under the accident benefit regime.

After an Ottawa or Eastern Ontario motor vehicle accident where you suffer head injuries, you will want to make sure you get all the required medical attention to support your claim and case.  This may include seeing a neuropsychologist or neurologist. Neurologists, are medical doctors who specialize in all things related to the brain and nervous system. They examine the ways your brain and nerves have been affected by an injury post accident. After a neurologist has examined you, they will recommend treatment. This can include rehabilitation and surgery.  Neuropsychologists, study behaviors and psychological processes relating to the structures and functions of the brain. They will take your history, run tests and then write a report on their findings. This report can be used by your personal injury lawyer to support your case and show medical intervention.

If you have suffered serious injuries after an Ottawa or Eastern Ontario motor vehicle accident call us at 613-860-4529. We can tell you the appropriate “next step” to take, and assist you in applying for benefits that can aid you after your accident and during your recovery.

Ontario limitation periods. How long do I have to file my Ontario personal injury lawsuit?

The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office are often asked about Ontario limitation periods. Victims of personal injury want to know how long they have to file a claim for their Ontario accident.

The best way to get an answer specific to your case is to call us at 613-860-4529. Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers can tell you who you need to notify after your accident and how long you have to do so.

Majority of adults have two years to start the process of a lawsuit after their motor vehicle accident or slip and fall accident in Ontario. When children are injured in an accident the time restraints are usually longer. However, when giving notice of a potential claim the window for notification is much shorter. These time restraints are what we call limitation periods.

Lianne Laing and Brenda Hollingsworth cover this topic and answer a caller’s question about Ontario limitation periods for her slip and fall accident on municipal property during CTV Morning Live.

If you have questions after your Ontario motor vehicle accident or slip and fall accident call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation at 613-860-4529. We can advise you on the next step to take to file your claim and make sure you have filed all appropriate notifications within the Ontario limitation period.

Why should I hire an Ontario lawyer who has a focus in personal injury after my Ontario personal injury accident?

When searching online or in the Yellow Pages for an Ontario lawyer after your Ontario personal injury accident,  a large pool of potential lawyers will be available. However, not all lawyers have a focus on personal injury cases.  The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office get asked by many accident victims looking for a lawyer why they should look for an Ontario personal injury lawyer and not a lawyer they know,  or one with a strong reputation in another field of law.

For a personal answer to this case,  your best option is to call us at 613-860-4529.

The field of personal injury is complex.   You want a lawyer who has a lot of experience dealing with personal injury cases and who knows the law.   Ontario has the most complex system for motor vehicle accidents due to the blended fault/no-fault system.

Lianne Laing and Brenda Hollingsworth talk about the importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer for personal injury cases on CTV Morning Live. Watch as Brenda Hollingsworth also answers a viewer’s question about lawyers who say you do not have a case.  Brenda explains why you need to make sure the lawyer you are talking to is a personal injury lawyer who handles a range of personal injury cases.

The Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office focus exclusively on personal injury and know the best professionals to use to support your case. Every doctor, insurance company, and therapist is different and you want a lawyer that knows which ones will support your case in the most effective way and which ones can be more challenging to work with.

If you have suffered an Ontario motor vehicle accident or slip and fall accident call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation at 613-860-4529.

When should I call the Police after an Ontario motor vehicle accident?

After suffering a motor vehicle accident in Ottawa there are many things going through your mind.  Many people wonder when they should call the Police to the scene.  Is it only when there is significant damage to the car, or are there other considerations to keep in mind?

If you have been involved in an Ontario motor vehicle accident and sustained injuries resulting in a loss of work or mobility call Brenda Hollingsworth Personal Injury Lawyers at 613-860-4529 for a free consultation. We can advise you on the best options for your claim and how to pursue compensation.

There are a lot of considerations to take into account after an Ontario motor vehicle accident. The amount of damage on a car can be deceiving.  A trailer hitch for example can take a great deal of impact without looking overly damaged. However, the driver could have suffered significant impact from the hit.

There is never a “bad reason” to call the Police when in a motor vehicle accident in Ottawa. If you feel any pain or think you may have suffered a personal injury,  call the police to attend the scene so that they will file a report. It will help you support your claim later on.

Watch CTVMorning Live as Kurt Stoodley and Brenda Hollingsworth speak about personal injury claims after an Ontario motor vehicle accidents and when to call the Police.

Have you suffered an Ontario motor vehicle accident? Call the Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Brenda Hollingsworth’s office for a free consultation. They can show you your rights and how to fight for fair compensation.

As a cyclist, how am I compensated for my bicycle loss in a motor vehicle-cyclist accident?

As a cycling and fitness enthusiast I know all too well how much a well-maintained bike can cost annually, especially if it is used as a main mode of transportation.

A  common question is, “ In the event of a motor vehicle – cyclist accident can I claim the expense of my bike if it a complete write off?”

This was a topic question I was asked on CTV’s Ask The Expert. When it comes to bicycle claims it is a tricky area and your best bet is to contact an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer. There are a lot of small details and fine print that a lawyer can sort through the average person does not have time for.

A good resource to start with is our Compensation After An Ottawa Bike Accident article. You can also read our article 5 Factors That Affect The Value Of Your Ontario Accident Case and our book Spinning Out Of Control.

If you are a cyclist and have been in an accident involving a motor vehicle you can contact Brenda Hollingsworth to have her help explain your rights and tell you if you have a claim.  Not only can you get advice on the status of your bike that has been damaged, you can receive advice on personal injuries you may have obtained and the steps to take to ensure those are correctly handled.

You can contact Brenda at her office number 613-860-4529.

5 Factors that Affect the Value of Your Ontario Accident Case

If you are like most of our Ottawa accident clients, you are very keen to know how much your accident case is worth.  Who can blame you?  You are going through this stressful legal process, it makes sense that you want to know whether your case is worthwhile.


Unfortunately, we often can’t tell you what your Ontario accident case is worth until well into file.  However, what we can tell you are factors that will influence the value of your case.  Here, in no particular order are 5 key factors that impact on the monetary value of your case:


  • Do you have a provable loss of income claim?  InOntario, this is often the single biggest component of someone’s settlement or trial judgment.


  • Have you attended your physician on a regular basis since the accident and described all your symptoms at every visit.  Medical records documenting symptoms carry a lot of weight.


  • Has your family physician sent you to specialists to diagnose and / or treat your injury?  Remember that in many cases you have to ask for a referral to a specialist.


  • Where applicable, have you had an MRI, CT scan, ultrasound x-ray or other diagnostic test?  An injury that shows up in medical imaging will usually be better compensated than an injury that does not.  Where there is a “picture” of the injury, the issue of credibility is removed.  If you think you would benefit from one of these tests, ask your doctor.


  • Are you able to identify specific changes to your lifestyle as a result of the accident?  Accident victims who are able to consistently specify activities that they could do before the accident and that they cannot do after the accident tend to do better financially with their claim than accident victims who complain of “pain” but are not limited in their actions.

Ottawa Lawyer: What does my GAF score mean?

Ottawa Lawyer – If you have suffered an Ottawa accident, you may have been assessed using a GAF score. The GAF score, or Global Assessment of Functioning score, is used to determine an individual’s mental health in terms of their social, psychological and occupational functioning. In personal injury cases, this scale is used by medical professionals to assess an injured person’s mental state. This is important because it can play a role in determining the extent of impact an injury has on a person as well as the degree of compensation an individual receives.

GAF scores operate on a one hundred point scale. Within this scale, there are ranges that designate a person’s level of functioning. For example, someone with a “perfect” score, one between 91 and 100, means that the person has no symptoms, meaning they have no difficulties pursuing day-to-day tasks and can perform a wide range of activities. Someone with mild symptoms would have a score between 61 and 70. A person with this GAF score would likely have some mild symptoms such as minor depression or insomnia or some difficulty with functioning in social or occupational environments. More severe symptoms are categorized by a score below 50 and can involve thoughts of suicide, illogical speech, social or legal deviancy, delusions, hallucinations, and danger to himself/herself or others. There is a wide range of GAF scores and only a professional assessment by a medical doctor will accurately determine an individual’s level of functioning.

The GAF score can be instrumental in determining the cost of medical care and the nature of treatment involved for someone who has suffered a personal injury that has affected their functioning in this way. Legally, it is necessary to determine the extent of an individual’s injuries and sometimes this includes the ways in which their mental health has been affected, before a personal injury case can be resolved. Once we know an individual’s GAF score and understand their level of functioning and how this is related to the accident, we are equipped to assess the legal matters and determine the best course of action. A personal injury lawyer with experience in cases that involve Global Assessments of Functioning can help you with the details of your particular case.

Determine the value of your Ottawa personal injury case | Lawyer

Ottawa Lawyer — If you have recently been in an accident in Ottawa and are thinking of pursuing a personal injury case, you are likely wondering how much financial compensation you may be entitled to. A number of factors are at play when trying to determine the value of a particular personal injury case.

While there is no set formula for determining value, a case is usually worth the same amount as the damages suffered by the individual. These damages take into account medical costs, lost wages, property damage and lost earning capacity. Sometimes the value can be easily determined and in other cases, it can be more difficult, depending on the nature of the case. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you in the process of gathering the necessary information in order to determine the value of your case.

Injured individuals are entitled to compensation for tangible harms such as those listed above, but you my also be entitled to “intangible” damages. These include things like psychological distress, pain, depression, disability, etc. It is these intangible harms that can make a case difficult to assess. The value of these harms is subjective and thus, they do not have a specific monetary amount assigned to them. Assessing the value of things like mental anguish or inconvenience is more difficult and often takes longer, than assessing the value of medical costs, for example. While it may not always be easy to determine the value of a personal injury case, taking into account a variety of factors will help to provide the most accurate assessment.

Typically, both parties, along with their lawyers, make an estimate for how much the case is worth. The value is then either agreed upon during mediation, or if the case goes to trial, a judge or jury will make a ruling regarding the value and the financial compensation, if any, the injured person is entitled to.

Because of the complex nature of assessing the value of a personal injury case, it is in your best interest to work with a good personal injury lawyer who can guide you through the process and who can work on your behalf to suggest an accurate value for your case. If you have suffered a personal injury, it is in your best interest to work with a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience necessary to evaluate your case.

Can I get compensation for a scar obtained in an Ontario accident?

Ottawa Lawyer — While many Ontario accident victims understand that an Ottawa lawyer can help them receive compensation for an injury (for example, a broken leg, fractured wrist, or head trauma) being compensated for a scar may seem less obvious.  Scars are evidence of an injury and commonly occur due to burns, animal scratches or bites, and a variety of injuries due to vehicular accidents.  The severity of a scar depends upon the type of injury sustained by an individual.  While they are a way in which the human body tries to heal itself, they can nonetheless cause physical discomfort and distress.

For example, someone who suffers a serious facial burn in a car accident may be able to receive compensation due to the severity of the scar as well as the impact the scar has on them as they resume their day to day life after the accident.  Such a serious scar or physical disfigurement can cause great emotional stress in addition to the physical pain or irritation.  It can also serve as a constant reminder of the event that caused the injury, preventing the individual from truly moving on after the accident.  However, more minor scars can also be compensable, such as a scar on a leg due to a dog bite or a burn on an arm due to a fallen candle, as long as each situation was the result of someone else’s negligence.

It is possible to receive compensation for a variety of scars.  Several factors are taken into consideration in order to determine if an individual can be compensated and the amount they are entitled to.  These factors include: the size of the scar, the location of the scar, the medical treatments available to heal or reduce the appearance of the scar, the treatments already pursued by the individual, and, as mentioned earlier, the impact the scar has on the individual.  Usually, more serious scars and those that have a greater impact on your life result in higher compensation.  In order to determine the particular circumstances of your case, you will need to contact a personal injury lawyer who can assess your situation.  It is possible that the scar you received in an accident is compensable so even if you are not able to eliminate the scar, you may at least be able to receive some reparation for your suffering.

Ontario Woman Awarded $59,935 In Housekeeping Damages Following Car Accident

Ontario Woman Awarded $59,935 In Housekeeping Damages Following Car Accident

As your personal injury lawyer, we will often advance a claim for lost housekeeping capacity after a serious accident.  Here is what happened in a recent Toronto personal injury case.

A woman was injured after the car she was driving was struck by another vehicle. As a result of the accident, she suffered from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety.

Before the accident, she had been working full-time at numerous jobs, earning anywhere from $7.50 and $14 an hour. She also did the bulk of the housework at home.

Following the accident, she experienced pain but was still able to perform most of her household responsibilities. She did have to rely heavily on housekeeping which was provided by her family.

The trial judge informed the jury that past housekeeping inefficiency damages were related to the woman’s inability to perform her housekeeping functions as well as she could prior to the accident.

The jury awarded the woman past housekeeping inefficiency damages of $5,000, past lost housekeeping capacity damages of $10,400 and future lost housekeeping capacity damages of $44,535, for a total of $59,935.

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