Lawyer: Negligence Causing Personal Injury to Ontario Children

Negligence Causing Personal Injury to Ontario Children

Here are examples of negligence that could result in injuries to your child.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The driver of the car driving the child did any of the following:

  • Unsafe or illegal left turn.
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign or traffic light.
  • Losing control by speeding or driving too fast for the road conditions.
  • Rear-ending another vehicle.
  • Driving while distracted, either by the kids, a cell phone, food, applying make up, etc….
  • Impaired driving of any type.
  • Failure to put your child safety system improperly.
  • Having flying object inside the car.
  • Failure to properly maintain the car.
  • Tailgating
  • Driving in poor visibility, or poor weather.
  • Dangerous passing.
  • Hitting a pedestrian or cyclist.

A lawyer will have to review with you the facts of the motor vehicle accident which injured your child. Keep in mind, the driver does not have to be charged for these negligent acts to “stick”.

Other injuries:

  • Unsafe, unbarricaded swimming pool.
  • Failure to clear ice and snow from a walkway.
  • Unsafe play structure.
  • Failure to supervise at school, camp, nursery school or a friend’s house.
  • Failure to properly screen teachers or other adults or teens working with your child.
  • Failure to properly store knives, medication or fire arms.
  • Failure to maintain the schoolyard.
  • Failure to put an appropriately-size a life jacket on your child in a water craft.
  • Unsafe driving of a water craft.
  • Unsafe amusement park rides.

There are countless other circumstances where someone might be held negligent for causing injuries to your child. Consult a lawyer to see if your child has legal merit.

Ottawa Child Injury Lawyer | Accident Claim

Ottawa Child Injury Lawyer | Accident Claim

Why do Ottawa personal injury lawyers  Auger Hollingsworth have separate pages for personally injured children?

  1. In many ways, a child’s accident claim is treated differently than an adult accident claim by the law and by the insurance companies. Our Injured Children’s Pages highlight these differences.
  2. As parents ourselves, we know you are looking for resources to help you cope with your child’s future after a serious accident. Our Injured Children’s Pages collect important resources for child accident victims in one, easy to find spot.
  3. As the parent of an injured child, your time is precious. The Injured Children’s Pages are abbreviated so you can quickly get an overview of what a claim for compensation involves.
  4. We highlight child accident prevention. Handling cases for child accident victims motivates our personal injury lawyers to provide important consumer information on product safety, traffic safety and accident avoidance. This information is highlighted in the Injured Children’s Pages.

If your child has been injured, please read the Injured Children’s Pages carefully and then telephone an experienced lawyer at Auger Hollingsworth at 613-233-4529 or email [email protected]

Seat Belt Syndrome and Ontario Car Accidents

Seat Belt Syndrome and Ontario Car Accidents

I was interested to read the following article on “Seat Belt Syndrome”:

So who is to blame here? Research shows that in most cases of seatbelt syndrome, the children were not restrained properly in their seats. If you are driving a child, take the time to double check that the belt is fixed properly and that booster seats are used if necessary.

But what do you do if the seatbelt itself is defective? Bear in mind that seatbelts have undergone a number of modifications to reduce the risk of seat belt injury. As the number of seatbelt syndrome cases continues to rise, action is being taken to completely phase out lap belts from cars.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries because you were wearing a seatbelt that was defective, it may be that you have a case against the seatbelt manufacturers and the car manufacturers. This can be an important option for drivers in single car accidents who would otherwise have no recourse for their injuries. Remember that a seat belt is supposed to protect you from injury- if it does more harm than good, you should investigate your options by consulting a personal injury lawyer.

To speak with an Ottawa personal injury lawyer at Auger Hollingsworth call us at 613-233-4529, email us at [email protected] or use our contact form.

Ontario’s Booster Seat Law Seeks to Limit Injuries to Kids in Accidents

Ontario’s Booster Seat Law Seeks to Limit Injuries to Kids in Accidents

In Ontario, Canada in 2005, a law was passed that made booster seats mandatory for children who are too big for car seats and too small for ordinary adult seat belts. Children who are too small for booster seats must use a car seat by law. The specifics are as follows:

  • Babies up to 9 kg must be in a rear-facing car-seat away from all active airbags
  • Toddlers between 9 and 18 kg must be in a forward-facing car seat with a tether strap
  • Children between 18 and 36 kg must use a booster seat with a lap and shoulder belt

And just to make sure that this law is taken seriously, a fine of $110 and two demerit points are slapped on drivers who do not take this important step. This law applies to anyone who carries children in their car, whether they are parents or just the babysitter.

One of the reasons why this law came into being was the growing number of injuries attributed to seat belt syndrome. While seat belts certainly proved to be helpful for adults, a number of youngsters were sustaining serious internal and abdominal injuries due to lap seat belts. This is mainly due to two factors. One is that seatbelts are mainly designed with adults in mind, not children. Secondly, in a number of cases seat belts themselves have been found to be defective.

Many parents think that just because a child is physically big, they are ready to use ordinary seat belts. But the truth is that a child’s body is very different from an adult’s body. The stress and strain that an adult’s body can take could have serious repercussions for a child. For example, during impact, an adult might sustain whiplash but a child’s body could actually jackknife. When this happens, the seat belt can actually cause extensive internal injuries.

Ontario’s recent booster seat legislation seems to be working, with studies showing that they actually increase child protection by nearly 60%. Now a number of other Canadian provinces are looking to follow Ontario’s example.

Children might not like booster seats initially, especially if they think it is just a ‘baby seat’. But it is important to make it clear that the booster seat is there for their safety. Furthermore, tell the child that they can only ride in the car if they sit in the booster seat. If the child has older siblings, encourage them to be supportive about using the booster seat. That booster seat could mean the difference between slight scratches and massive internal injuries if an accident occurs.

If your child is injured in an accident and was not properly restrained in the appropriately-sized safety seat, your child will have a claim against the driver of the car—even if the driver is a family member. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer will assist you to determine your child’s rights.

To speak with an Ottawa personal injury lawyer at Auger Hollingsworth call us at 613-233-4529, email us at [email protected] or use our contact form by clicking here.

Ontario Child Injury Lawyer

Has your Child Been Injured in an Accident?

General Information About Your Child’s Personal Injury

Ottawa Lawyer — If your child has been injured in an Ottawa accident, you need personal injury lawyers committed to representing children to ensure your child has the financial compensation needed to maximize recovery.

Ottawa personal injury lawyers, Auger Hollingsworth, recognize that protecting your child’s rights requires special knowledge and skill. We have the information you need to know about your child’s injury.

Examples of some child accident cases we handle:

  • Child car accidents
  • Child cycling accidents
  • Child pedestrian accidents
  • Injuries at school
  • Injuries on the school bus
  • Injuries at day care
  • Slips and falls by children
  • Boating or other watercraft injuries
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • A complete list

Must-Read Articles re: Children’s Personal Injury

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