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  • We were able to settle the case out of court due to Brenda's hard work, diligence and patience, for an amount that we're very pleased with. I would certainly recommend Brenda from Auger Hollingsworth. She did a fantastic job for us.

    Jeannie Armstrong, Personal Injury Client
  • The Holiday Gift of Safety

    Here is Auger Hollingsworth Injury Lawyers’ list of 10 awesome Gifts of Safety just in time for the holidays.

    1. FIRE EXTINGUISHER-  Every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and probably also one in the garage.    Many of us have old, expired extinguishers.  Time to upgrade!
    2. FIRE ESCAPE LADDER – These rope ladders are great for homes with bedrooms on the upper floors.  They stash under your bed.  If you ever need the ladder to make a window escape, it hooks securely on the window ledge creating a fast emergency exit.
    3. FIRST AID KIT –  Imagine having everything you need to tend minor injuries and wounds in one, up to date spot.  Bandages, ointments, slings, artificial respiration mouth guard.  Every house needs one.
    4. DISASTER KIT – Whether its an ice storm or an earth quake, every family needs a supply of emergency gear, just in case.  Consider packing a plastic bin with a supply of non-perishable food (including pet food), water, flashlight with batteries, cell phone battery, safety matches, candles, whistle or horn,  package to hold copies of key documents and ID, can opener and cash.
    5. CAR SAFETY KIT – Breakdowns can happen anywhere.  Ensure your loved one has jumper cables, a window breaker, a seat belt cutter, a long handled snow brush and ice scraper, a mylar or other heat protecting blanket, flares or reflective triangle, flashlight and batteries.
    6. FIRST AID / CPR COURSE  – Treat your bestie to a first air and CPR course offered by the city, Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance.  Better yet-  make it a date and plan to attend together early in 2018.
    7. SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS – These are your first line of defence against house fires or poisoning, especially at night.  Spring for the batteries too.  Bonus points for offering to install them.
    8. REFLECTIVE DOG COLLARS AND LEASHES –  Both pup and owner will walk safer with reflective or lit walking gear.  Be seen during the dark winter nights while walking the pooch.
    9. SELF DEFENCE CLASS – Enroll your sweetie in a physical hands-on self-defence class to improve confidence and safety.
    10. LIFE JACKETS FOR EVERYONE –  Have a family of boaters on your list?  New, approved, weight-appropriate life jackets in groovy colours would be a welcome gift for any water enthusiast.

    Best wishes for a SAFE and happy holiday from your friends at Auger Hollingsworth.

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