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Are you looking for expert advice after an Ontario accident?  The smartest step you can take after a serious:

is to connect with an Ottawa personal injury lawyer for a free consultation.   Personal injury lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth and personal injury lawyer Richard Auger and their team of experienced lawyers offer free, no-pressure, advice about your rights and entitlements when you have been hurt.

Please, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the insurance adjuster who calls you or comes to your home is offering helpful, unbiased advice in your best interest.  The insurance adjuster serves the insurance company’s interest.  Do yourself the favour of getting independant, free legal advice from someone whose job is to look after you!

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We handle Ontario accidents such as:

We know these accidents can cause life-long injuries and other financial, physical and emotional consequences. You need an Ottawa injury lawyer to help you deal with these issues.  Remember,  there are no legal fees unless and until we recover money for you.

We also handle disability benefit denials.   We know how devastating it can be for a family when someone is disabled and without income.  Do you qualify for long term disability benefits?  Have you been denied Canada Pension Plan Disability?

Some of the compensation you may be entitled to after serious personal injury include:

Your Ontario accident may also result in serious hardship for your family members who must care for you, often at great monetary and personal expense.

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If you, your child, or someone else close to you has been injured in an Ontario accident or suffered wrongful death in Ontario, get legal advice from an Ontario personal injury lawyer.

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Let our Eastern Ontario Injury Lawyers Help You!

Our injured clients include adults and children of all walks of life from all over Ontario. An Auger Hollingsworth personal injury lawyer currently represents clients in Ottawa, Kingston, Perth, Smiths Falls, Toronto and Peterborough, and many Ontario locations in between.

Many of our cases are referrals from other lawyers who know their clients will be well-served by our law firm.  We are also proud of the number of referrals we receive from past clients.

Free Books and Newsletters

Our Ottawa accident lawyers provide educational materials to consumers who are dealing with an insurance claim for compensation after an accident. Order these free resources online or by telephone. There is no obligation:

Even if you decide not to hire a lawyer, these materials will put important consumer information in your hands today.

Free Consultation with an Ottawa Accident Lawyer

If you are an accident victim, or know of someone who is, we encourage you to take full advantage of our offer to speak to qualified accident victims free of charge to help in the early days after an accident. Our no-pressure, informative telephone consultations are of enormous benefit to injury sufferers who want to canvass their legal rights. Request your free consultation by using the quick form in the right hand column on this page, or by using our Contact form.

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Important Answers to Your Ottawa Accident and Ottawa Injury Questions

If you have been injured in an accidentin Ottawa, Ontario, you probably have a lot of questions:

  • What compensation can I expect from my Ottawa accident?
  • Is the settlement offer from the insurance company fair?
  • What do I say to the insurance adjuster or to my doctor?
  • Who pays my expenses after an Ontario accident?
  • What if the at-fault driver or other responsible party in my Ontario accident does not have any insurance?
  • What kind of compensation can I qualify for after an Ontario accident?
  • Are there different Ontario accident benefits if my injuries are more serious such as a spinal cord injury or brain injury?
  • What if my Ontario injuries are permanent?
  • Do I need to contact a lawyer after an Ottawa accident?
  • Can I handle my Ontario injury case on my own, without a lawyer?
  • When should I hire an Ontario lawyer?
  • How much will it cost to hire an Ottawa injury lawyer.

The Ottawa lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth will provide answers to your questions. Visit our video library to see interviews or comments featuring Ottawa lawyers Brenda Hollingsworth and Richard Auger or visit our document library to get FREE articles that will help you research your Ottawa personal injury or Ottawa car accident case.

Why not request a copy of our FREE book Injured Victim’s Guide to Fair Compensation. We will rush it to you, without obligation, upon request.

Our Ottawa personal injury practice is focused on the following types of Ottawa, Ontario accidents:

Motor Vehicle Accidents involving Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Boats and Pedestrians.

We handle any type of accident you might encounter – improper lane changes, roll-overs, impaired driving, side impact, rear impact, parking lot, drive-thru and multi –vehicle. We represent innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Our Ottawa lawyers know these accidents cause serious injuries from whiplash, shoulder injuries including rotator cuff injuries, sprain and strain injuries, fractures, internal injuries such as “seat belt syndrome”, eye injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, post-concussive syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, wrongful death and more.

Ontario No-Fault Accident Benefits (Accident Benefits or SABs)

Most Ontario residents who are injured in a motor vehicle accident are entitled to receive Ontario statutory accident benefits. You don’t usually have to sue to access these benefits. However, without legal advice, you may not receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled. These include: income replacement benefits, caregiver benefits, attendant care benefits, housekeeping benefits, medical and rehabilitation benefits and visitors’ expenses, to name some but not all of the benefits you may be entitled to. It is a good idea to have a lawyer acting on your behalf, in your best interests. Especially if you are in no condition mentally or physically to handle this type of stress. Read our article entitled Important Answers About Statutory Accident Benefits.

Ottawa Slips and Falls and Trips and Falls Causing Injuries

We help injured people in Ottawa and other Ontario locations whose injuries are caused by the fault or negligence of others. This includes people injured in Ontario slips, trips and falls and other unsafe conditions on property. We have represented people injured while visiting Ontario malls, grocery stores, apartment buildings, cottages and taverns, as well as people who have slipped and fallen on ice. We pursue compensation from large corporations, including the City, as well as negligent individuals.

Injuries at an Ontario School

Your child’s school has an obligation to keep the property, and your child, safe. Playground, school trip or gym class injuries are common in Ottawa and often give rise to a claim for compensation. Your child deserves any compensation available to him or her after an accident. Remember, Ontario school boards carry liability insurance.  Your child’s claim does not take money out of the school’s education budget.

Ontario Dog Bites or Attacks | Ottawa Dog Bite Lawyer

If you are bitten or attacked by a dog in Ontario, you have a good chance of obtaining compensation. Dog owners are responsible for aggression shown by their dogs. If you are bitten, you may require serious medical intervention. There is also often an important psychological impact of dog attacks that our Ottawa injury lawyers understand.

Ontario Defective Products

If you are injured because of the way a product is sold, packaged, displayed or labeled, you may have a claim for compensation from the store that sold it to you or the companies that made or distributed the product. An experienced Ottawa product liability lawyer can help you determine if you have a case.

We represent injured accident victims in Ottawa, Smiths Falls, Perth, Cornwall, Napanee, Kingston, Hawksbury, L’Orignal, Pembroke, Petawawa, Peterborough, Renfrew, Tweed, Ottawa Valley, Cobden, Eganville, Almonte, Arnrprior, Calabogie, Richmond, North Gower, Manotick, Metcalfe, Winchester, Alfred, Brockville, Toronto, North Bay and many Ontario Accident Locations in between.