Canadian hand-cyclist an inspiration to us all

Canadian Morgan Van Breda has completed a 3900 km, 49-day cycling tour across India.  Amazingly,  she peddled the whole way with her hands!

Van Breda, who lives in Victoria, B.C., suffered a spinal cord injury at 24 while on vacation in Cuba. Since then, she has been living with paraplegia. The lower part of her body, including her legs, is completely paralyzed.

Now, at 32, she has ridden her hand-cycle across varied terrain and incredible distances to raise funds for better access to therapies, a cure for spinal cord injuries, and for her own treatments.

Since her injury, Van Breda has used spinal cord injury therapy, a treatment that is not always covered by insurance companies in Canada. Raising money to make this treatment available to everyone who needs it is one of her main goals.

The grueling cross-India trip started on January 27, 2011 at the world-famous Taj Mahal. Van Breda finished on March 19, after nearly 50 days of exhausting hand-cycling.  She was in the race with 30 other cyclists, but Van Breda is the only athlete using a hand-cycle.

She travelled with a group called Tour d’Afrique, and her journey has had a meaningful influence on the group. At the half-way point of the race, she handed out 42 hand-cycles to paraplegics in Mumbai. The machines were donated by the tour company.

Van Breda’s documented her incredible journey on a blog called Morgan’s Ride ( The race is just one part of her broader organization called the Able Project (, which seeks to change the face of spinal cord injury, create awareness about these injuries and educate the public on all recovery possibilities.

Van Breda works with a documentary filmmaker named Erik Zaremba on the Able Project. In addition to regular written and video updates to the blog, Zaremba, who studied film at the University of Western Ontario, is making Morgan’s Ride into a full-length documentary film.

After finishing this particular journey, Van Breda expects there will be many more challenges and initiatives she can undertake to help improve the situation for people suffering with spinal cord injuries. Her commitment to finding a cure for herself and for others is truly remarkable.

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer | Complete and Partial Spinal Cord Injuries

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer | Complete and Partial Spinal Cord Injuries

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury in Eastern Ontario or Ottawa, our experienced personal injury lawyer /  spinal cord injury lawyers would be pleased to assist you recover the funds that you need for your rehabilitation and compensation.

After a serious accident involving the spinal cord,  it is normal and necessary to look for information.  One question our clients ask shortly after a serious spinal cord injury is how do they know how serious the injury is.

Severity of the Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury symptoms are dictated by two factors: The location of the injury on the spine and the degree of the injury.

Generally, spinal cord injuries that are higher in your spinal cord produce greater paralysis. A spinal cord injury at the cervical (neck) level may cause paralysis in both arms and legs.  It may make it impossible to breathe without a respirator.  On the other hand, a lower level injury may affect only your legs and lower parts of your body.

Your spinal cord injury may be “partial” or “complete” which depends on the extent of the cord width that is damaged.

For a partial (also called “incomplete”) spinal cord injury, the spinal cord is able to convey some information to or from your brain. As a result, if you have a “partial” spinal cord injury, you may retain some feeling and possibly some motor control below the injured area.

For a complete spinal cord injury, the injured person will experience a total or near-total loss of motor control and feeling below the injury.  The spinal cord is rarely ever severed in half.  The term “complete” is used to describe significant damage to the spinal cord.

The distinction between partial spinal cord injury and complete spinal cord injury is significant because people with partial injuries are sometimes able to experience significant recovery, while those with complete injuries are not.

Ottawa Car Accident Lawyers – Spinal Cord Injuries

Ottawa Car Accident Lawyers – Spinal Cord Injuries

Car accidents are the cause of almost 50% of serious spinal cord injuries. When an accident leads to spinal cord injuries, it is usually one of the following:

  • Excessive spinal pressure (compression)
  • Spinal bruising (contusion)
  • Lacerations

Some of the symptoms of a serious spinal cord injury are:

  • severe back pain
  • pressure in the neck, head or back
  • difficulty breathing
  • trouble walking or keeping balance
  • loss of movement in any part of the body
  • numbness in hands, fingers, or toes

These are just a few of the symptoms. It is always important to have a medical professional check you out immediately following an accident. Unfortunately it is impossible to reverse the damage from a serious spinal cord injury. There are simply treatments to help those suffering lead a more active and productive life.

Some serious spinal cord injuries can lead to significant nerve damage and could potentially cause paralysis, muscle dystrophy, autonomic disturbances and/or loss of reflex function.

Symptoms of paralysis following an Ontario accident include:

  • changes to circulation and respiration
  • changes to the kidneys and gastrointestinal system
  • changes to muscles, joints, and bones
  • spasticity of the limbs
  • muscle spasms
  • pressure sores
  • edema
  • blood clots in the lower limbs
  • feelings of numbness or pain
  • bacterial infection
  • disruption of the normal working of the tissues, glands, and organs
  • constipation
  • loss of control of urination
  • sexual difficulties
  • abnormal sweating
  • abnormal breathing or heart rate
  • balance problems
  • difficulty thinking
  • behavioral issues
  • difficulty speaking or swallowing
  • vision problems

If your Ontario accident was the result of  negligence party, it is highly possible for the injured victim to receive compensation. For more information contact the Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth by calling 613-233-4529 or emailing [email protected]

Ottawa Lawyer: Canadian Statistics on Spinal Cord Injury (Paraplegia and Quadriplegia)

Ottawa Lawyer: Canadian Statistics on Spinal Cord Injury (Paraplegia and Quadriplegia)

Paraplegia and Quadriplegia are spinal cord injuries with no known cure.  These spinal cord injuries are extreme in nature and have the potential to impede the future enjoyment of life of the unfortunate victim, particularly if the injury is accompanied by financial hardship. If you are suffering a paraplegic or quadriplegic injury because of someone else’s negligence or medical misconduct, then seeking the professional support of a competent personal injury lawyer can help your situation to a great extent.

Important Canadian Spinal Cord Injury Statistics

Spinal cord injury accidents in Canada are quite high, with almost 35 people per million population becoming victims of it every year. Statistics reveal that approximately 900 Canadians sustain severe spinal cord accidents and injuries such as paraplegia and quadriplegia every year. On an average,  80% of all clients referred to different spinal injury treatment centers every year, are male.

Reasons for Spinal Cord Injury

Car accidents are the primary cause for a majority of the spinal cord injuries. They form the reason, directly or indirectly for 35% of the spinal cord injury cases. Collapsing and slipping cases cause 16.5% of the spinal cord injuries and hence are the next crucial cause of paraplegia and quadriplegia.  Medical injuries, sport injuries and diving injuries each contribute 10.8%, 6.7% and 5.3% of the spinal cord injury cases,  respectively.

Experienced Ottawa Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Lawyer

Paraplegia and Quadriplegia can have extremely devastating effects on you as well as your family. During such trying times, where someone else’s negligence caused your injury it is crucial that you have an experienced, competent and diligent Ottawa paraplegia and quadriplegia lawyer on your side, as only she can help you with a well-prepared and forceful injury claim, which in turn would help you to attain the best possible settlement. A timely claim can increase your chances of a fair and reasonable settlement or positive result at trial.

For a free consultation with an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer, call a proficient personal injury lawyer today.   The lawyers at Auger Hollingsworth are available at 613 233-4529 or at [email protected]

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers- Useful Links

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers- Useful Links

Resources for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury in Ottawa, you should be aware of the resources* available to you in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario.

Ottawa Hospitals Serving Accident Victims:

The Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre:  Located next to the Ottawa General Hospital on Smyth Road, the Rehab Centre offers both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation treatment for people with spinal cord injuries in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Campus.  Located at Carling and Parkdale Avenues, Ottawa’s trauma centre is located at the Ottawa Civic. When a spinal cord injury is suspected in Eastern Ontario or in Ottawa, the patient is frequently treated at this trauma centre.

The Elizabeth Bruyere Centre Located in the ByWard Market at 43 Bruyere Street in Ottawa, this centre is Ottawa’s single largest provider of inpatient rehabilitation, having 90 rehabilitation beds.

The Perly and Rideau Veteran’s Health Centre- Applications for admission to the Perly are handled by the Champlain Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

Ottawa Case Management and Rehabilitation Services:

  • Occupational Therapists – Occupational therapists assist injured people to recover their independance and to reintegreate into the community after a motor vehicle accident.
Smith-Bradley and Associates –  169–1411A Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON  K1Z 1A7  t: 613.792.3461  f: 613.792.3462  [email protected]
Swanson & Associates‎ – 1729 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Z5, Canada‎ – (613) 260-1935‎
Trac Group Inc. 110-161 Greenbank Road Nepean, ON K2H 5V6, Canada (613) 526-0877‎
CVE Inc‎ – 1825 Woodward Drive, Ottawa, ON K2C 0P9, Canada‎ – (613) 237-7368‎
DMArehability‎ 900-275 Slater Street, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9, Canada‎ – (613) 792-1572‎
Laurie Warren (O.T. Reg.) (613) 841-4013
Know another great occupational therapist?  Let us know!
  • Physiotherapy –  A person with a spinal cord injury may increase independance through physiotherapy.

NeuroGym Rehabilitation 1644 Bank Street, Suite 101, Ottawa, ON K1V 7Y6, Tel: (613)523-9905

Know another great physiotherapist assisting spinal cord injured patients?  Let us know.
  • Psychological Services- Depending on the individual, a spinal cord injured person may benefit from psychological servicecs as he or she adjusts to disability.

Reesor Pigeon Psychological Services 359 Kent Street, Suite 502, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0R6, Tel:  613 230-0250

Ricci Rossy Psychological Services 1600 Scott Street, Suite 412, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4N7, Tel: 613-722-3222
Gilmour Psychological Services 430 & 437 Gilmour Street, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0R5, Te: (613) 230-4709
Dr. Catherine Gow (neuropsychology) 106- 210 Centrum Blvd, Orleans, ON, K1E 3V7, Tel (613) 837-1929Hebert & Associates Psychological and Psychiatric Services 207-190 Somerset St. West, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0J4, Tel: 613-565-9090

  • Support – You are not in this alone.  Ottawa is fortunate to have resources available to assist spinal cord injured individuals to integrate and thrive in our community.

The Canadian Paraplegic Association – Ottawa Branch: Offering peer support and education for new spinal cord-injured people, the CPA is an organization Auger Hollingsworth is proud to support every way we can.

Rotel Need a place to stay while a loved one is in the Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre?  Rotel may be your option: 411 Smyth Road Ottawa, ON K1H 8M8, Canada (613) 733-1412‎
*Please interview and select your treating professionals with care.  While every effort has been made to include only reputable service providers, Auger Hollingsworth cannot be responsible for the care provided by these companies and individuals.

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer, Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Lawyer, Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Ottawa

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer, Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Lawyer, Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in Ottawa

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in Ontario as a result of a car accident, motor vehicle accident, slip and fall or defective product, you should hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Although there are some accident claims that can be handled without a lawyer, injuries causing significant impairments like spinal cord injuries, paraplegia or quadriplegia and traumatic brain injuries require professional expertise.

Ottawa accident lawyer Brenda Hollingsworth handles serious injuries. Our lawyers will meet with catastrophically injured people, and their families, at the location of their choice,  including the Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre, Elizabeth Bruyere or any other facility or residence.

Brenda will never pressure you to sign an agreement or commit to hiring her, at any time. In fact, if you are catastrophically injured, Brenda will not enter into an agreement with you until you have had at least 24 hours to consider your options.  Any consultation with Brenda Hollingsworth is without hype or pressure.  Call us at 613 233-4529 for more information about the services we offer to catastrophically injured Ontarians.

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